Week Four: Fit Factor 2015 finalists have already shed more than 9st

It is the four-week weigh in time for our Fit Factor finalists as they continue their battle to lose weight

Alan Noble with Fit Factor trainer David Fairlamb
Alan Noble with Fit Factor trainer David Fairlamb

It has been another incredible weight loss week for our Fit Factor 2015 contestants. The six finalists have now lost a staggering 9st 1lb since starting the gruelling 12-week competition.

Fit Factor instructor David Fairlamb looks back at another successful seven days.

Thursday April 9

Today for the first time there were a few worrying vibes about the weigh in next Monday and this was even before the session started.

For some reason they felt worried they were going to let me and the others in the group down. This proves the 12 week process is as much about mental strength as it is physical. It’s up to me to change their thought processes.

I assured them that they could not eat or train any better at any point, therefore worrying was a waste of time - they need to stay strong and the results will take care of themselves.

Today was a more endurance based session which was good as it takes mental strength to keep going, even when their bodies were telling them to stop.

They all coped well and left much happier and mentally stronger than when they arrived.

Saturday April 11 Tynemouth Beach Bootcamp

As each of the finalists walked down the stairs to the Beach I could really see the impact the first four weeks has had with their weight loss and posture, they all looked much younger and happier. It should be an interesting weigh in on Monday.

Today there was very little beach as the tide was right in, that meant more strength work and quick change overs between my trainers.

As always everyone who takes part can work as easy or hard as they feel - already after four weeks the finalists have shocked all my regular bootcampers with their fitness, weight loss and determination in these sessions. Another top workout and they are only going to get better.

Monday April 13: Four week weigh in

Another dramatic weigh in tonight as the total combined weight for the six over one month has risen to 127lbs (9st 1lbs) - an average of 1.5 stones each.

John and Alan both passed 2st each, Nigel has lost over 1.5st and all the ladies have lost over a stone each.

I’m not surprised at the dramatic weight loss because their food diaries have been 100% spot on, combine that with the huge jump in their fitness levels and exercise intensity - proves that once again this process only works.

Another full on gym session followed the weigh in which they powered through as their confidence once again soared. Four weeks gone and eight weeks to go, I cant wait to see the end results.

Weight lost so far:

Steph - 7lbs - Total 1st 3lbs

John - 13.5lbs - Total 2st

Alan - 10lbs - Total 2st 1lb

Claire - 7.5lbs - Total 1st 1lb

Nigel - 9lbs - Total 1st 8lbs

Katie 6lbs - Total 1st 2lbs

Total weight loss - 9 stones 1pound


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