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IF YOU are looking for an incentive on your quest to lose weight, read about Peter McCowie, one of my clients, who last year lost six stone in four months.

Peter McCowie

IF YOU are looking for an incentive on your quest to lose weight, read about Peter McCowie, one of my clients, who last year lost six stone in four months.

He went from 20 stone to 13 stone, 13 pounds. That is such an unbelievable achievement Men’s Fitness magazine has published the story in this month’s issue. You can also read all about Peter’s incredible success on my website.

It proves that with the correct focus, dedication and guidance you can turn your life around in a very short space of time!

Here are this week’s training options. Remember they are a guideline and can be adapted to go within your own training programme.

Always make sure you warm up before each workout and cool down and stretch after.

Longer workout, 45-60 minutes

This week, rather than adding intervals to the routine, look to build the pace for the last 10 minutes so you are working close to your maximum by the end.

Interval workout, 25-35 minutes

On a flat surface, preferably grass or sand, measure around 60-80 metres and try 10-20 sprints (if you can’t sprint a very quick walk is fine). Your recovery is a walk or jog back to the start. Work hard, but within your capabilities.

Workout in the home – body sculpting, 30 minutes

There is another stomach exercise for you to view on The Journal’s video section. Varying the type of stomach exercises – along with back exercises – will help strengthen your core. These exercises, combined with a sensible diet, will help reshape and strengthen your mid-section.

Work through the exercises and pick the ones you feel suit you best. Try repetitions of 10-15. The number of sets depends on your strength levels. Remember your back must also be worked for muscle balance.

A low-fat, healthy day’s food

Breakfast – two boiled eggs with a slice of wholemeal bread. Snack – one pear. Lunch – two turkey steaks with salad. If you are struggling for time, cook the turkey the night before and eat it cold the next day with a green salad.

Snack – blueberries with a small amount of low-fat natural yoghurt.

Dinner – grilled salmon with new potatoes and broccoli. Also drink two litres of water.

Super Food: Spinach

The A and C vitamins in spinach plus the fibre, folic acid, magnesium and other nutrients help control certain cancers, especially colon, lung and breast cancers. Spinach can also help protect against heart disease.

Lutein within spinach makes it one of the best foods to prevent cataracts and other age-related eye problems.

Why is breakfast so important?

Eating breakfast fires up your metabolism. If you go all night and then all morning without food that could be up to 16 hours. When you do finally eat, your body will store energy rather than burn it.

Motivational Quote

The only discipline that lasts is self-discipline.

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