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AS you progress with my circuits you can add more time to the exercises or cut the rest periods intensifying your workout.

AS you progress with my circuits you can add more time to the exercises or cut the rest periods intensifying your workout. If you are just a beginner you could add more rest time giving you more recovery.

If you do change things round be strict with your timings especially when you start to tire. Try to avoid adding those extra few seconds to your rest periods.

Always make sure you warm up before each workout and cool down and stretch after. Work at your own pace and if there is an exercise you are unable to perform, miss it out or add your own.

Here is this week’s circuit, check out the video above for my demonstrations:

David Fairlamb's fat attack circukit

Duration of the session: 20-25 minutes

Time per station: 20-25 seconds

Rest time between stations: 15 seconds

Rest time between circuits: 90 seconds

What do you need: A swiss ball if you have one or just use pillows to prop you up.

Warm up and cool down 4-5 minutes walk or jog exaggerating the arm movements to warm the body up. Be sensible on your 1st circuit until you feel fully warm.

Cool down with an easy walk or jog on the spot followed by some stretching, see my warm up video.

Session time starts after your warm up.


Forward into a backward lunge: Keep the transition between the front and backward lunge as smooth as possible. Slow with good control is the key.

Spiderman press up: A good alternative to the traditional press up. As the knee comes round still work on keeping your body straight. Remember there are easier alternatives which I have shown you previously.

Jumping lunges: A tough alternative to the traditional lunge. Have a go and stay as light as possible throughout.

Chest flies: Ideally this can be performed on a Swiss ball. As an alternative you could use a couple of cushions to lift and support you upper back and neck.

Stomach exercise: At the top of your crunch try to perform a good twist to either side, keep your lower back flat.

Baby jumps: Small quick light two footed jumps making sure your heels are fully on the ground with each landing.

High knees: High lift with speed, driving with the arms

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David's weight loss tip

Interval training which are repeated short bouts of intense exercise will burn more fat and calories than a constant workout.

Nutrition corner

Add turmeric to your food. It’s well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural wonder, proving beneficial in the treatment of many different health conditions from cancer to Alzheimer's disease.


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