Set goals to achieve success

IF YOU are planning to lose weight, slim down and change shape for your summer holiday get started now and give yourself a chance.

IF YOU are planning to lose weight, slim down and change shape for your summer holiday get started now and give yourself a chance. Waiting until a few weeks before you go and expecting big changes is unrealistic.

This is why I asked you to set short and long-term goals at the beginning of the year. If one of your goals was to work towards looking fitter and feeling good on holiday then you are already two months into it and should be well on your way.

Set goals over a period of three, six and nine months and stick with them – and your sense of achievement will be great.

Here are this week’s training options. Remember they are a guideline and can be adapted to go within your own training programme or you can simply pick certain sessions or exercises to do.

Always make sure you warm up before each workout and cool down and stretch after.

Longer workout, 40-45 minutes
Think about your pace with this session. Try running/walking a measured mile, three to four times. Aim to pick the pace up with each mile beating your previous time. This session takes concentration, focus and discipline to keep at a constant pace. Your recovery is a three to five-minute slow walk.

If you are in a gym you can use any cardiovascular machine. Make a note of your times for future reference.

Interval workout, 25-30 minutes
Mark out around 50 metres, preferably on a soft surface, aim for five repetition sprints with your recovery being a walk back to the beginning. Also mark out a large square and work hard on your speed round the outside running forwards, sideways, backwards and sideways finishing back at the start. Aim for five repetitions. Your recovery is a brisk walk round the square.

Repeat the alternating five repetitions sprints and the square up to four times.

Workout in the home – bodysculpting, 30 minutes
Last week I asked you to try performing the leg exercises you are most comfortable with at a quicker pace and adding more reps. This week I’d like you to change the pace again – take five seconds down on the negative part of the exercise and speed up on the positive part. Make sure you hold good form and posture throughout every repetition.

Changing your pace helps build up strength in your muscles. It also allows you to cope better day to day due to your body needing to work at different speeds throughout life.

A low-fat healthy day’s food
Breakfast – Mixed fruit salad, apple, pear, melon, pineapple and orange

Snack – A cup of homemade vegetable soup.

Lunch – A wholewheat wrap filled with turkey, lettuce, tomato sweetcorn and cucumber, plus a low-fat natural plain yoghurt.

Snack – Banana.

Dinner – Grilled salmon with lemon juice, broccoli and two new potatoes, plus an Actimel yoghurt.

Two litres of water.

Super food
Eating garlic regularly helps control blood sugar and blood cholesterol as well as boosting your immune system. It also helps to lower blood pressure.

Questions often asked:
If I don’t sweat does that mean I am not working hard enough and therefore not burning calories?

Sweating is not necessarily a measure of how hard you are working, it’s simply your body’s way of trying to keep cool.

Motivational quote
Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.

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