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TODAY’S Fat Attack Circuit is slightly more intense with all the leg exercises involving a jump followed by a stomach or back exercise.

TODAY’S Fat Attack Circuit is slightly more intense with all the leg exercises involving a jump followed by a stomach or back exercise.

Of course, with all the leg exercises I have shown you easier alternatives which you can view on the video.

It’s good to keep changing your training and challenging yourself with new tougher exercises.

Always make sure you warm up before each workout and cool down and stretch after.

Work at your own pace and if there is an exercise you are unable to perform, miss it out or add your own.

Here is this week’s circuit, check out the video demonstration above.

David Fairlamb's fat attack circuit

Duration of the session: 20-25 minutes

Time per station: 20-25 seconds

Rest time between stations: 15 seconds

Rest time between circuits: 90 seconds

What you need: A box or stair to jump on to.

Warm up and cool down with 4-5 minutes walk or jog exaggerating arm movements to warm the body up. Be sensible on your first circuit until you feel fully warm. Cool down with an easy walk or jog on the spot followed by some stretching, see my warm-up video. Session time starts after your warm up.


Squat jump: Aim for height with the jump and a controlled landing. If you are unable to jump change it to a normal squat.

Stomach crunch: Try to keep your speed quick without losing your technique. Remember to control the movement through your stomach, if you start to rock you are going to fast.

Jumping lunge: This is a tough exercise so work purely on your technique. A few good exercises are far better than a high number with little technique.

Oblique’s (side stomach): Concentrate on twisting from your torso and focusing exactly where you are trying to work.

Jump static land: From your jump try to land and stick in a half squat position. Keep solid as a rock then jump again from that position. Breath out as you jump.

Reverse curl: As you bring your legs back towards you, lift your hips up off the mat using your stomach. This isn’t a big movement and focus on a slower movement back down. Avoid using momentum at any point.

Jump on to a box: Jump up and land in your squat position on a box or raised surface. Step back down and repeat.

Back extension: Its important you work your back alongside your stomach. Make sure you keep your hips down while performing this exercise.

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Nutrition corner

Try different vegetables – most of us stick to the same vegetables each week as it has become a habit. There are so many available try something different, you may find another healthy option you love.

David's weight loss tip

Drinking a large glass of water before a meal should help curb your appetite. Its important to keep your body hydrated and drinking water also helps boost metabolism

Motivational quote

A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.


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