Health MOT: Adam Hitchings of Diverting Fitness

AS a fitness and fat loss specialist at Diverting Fitness, personal trainer Adam Hitchings trains and advises clients across North Tyneside in how to keep a fit body and healthy mind.

AS a fitness and fat loss specialist at Diverting Fitness, personal trainer Adam Hitchings trains and advises clients across North Tyneside in how to keep a fit body and healthy mind.

Providing non-military ‘bootcamps’ to many businesses and business parks, his unique training style and bespoke eating plan promises noticeable results in just four weeks.

Were you ill much as a child? Not really no, just an annual sore throat in the winter. I was a healthy eater even as a child so I think that probably helped in keeping bugs away.

What sports and activities did you take part in at school? I loved sport at school so used to do a bit of everything, cricket, rugby and football. They are all very social games too so it was more of a chance to have fun with my mates.

Have you ever had a health scare? Thankfully, no.

Have you ever had an operation? Yes, I tore a ligament in my knee a few years back playing football and had to have anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL reconstruction). Thankfully my knee is back to full strength now.

How often do you exercise and what do you do? I get really bored doing just cardio exercises so all my workouts are free weight, body weight and circuit-based sessions. I aim to train a minimum of three times per week and a maximum of five.

What’s the most challenging activity/event you’ve ever done? When I first launched the bootcamps to different businesses and business parks with guaranteed results or your money back, it was quite a challenge but thankfully I have never had to reimburse! My latest training plan is ‘drop a dress size before Christmas’ which is challenging as I am working very closely with my clients to keep them motivated to achieve the results. It is hard work for everyone but amazing to see the difference at the end.

Have you ever done the Great North Run? No I haven’t yet but now that my knee is stronger it might be something I look to do next year.

How do you keep motivated? Seeing really is believing and the results my clients see in just four weeks is really inspiring not only for them to keep at it, but also for me – knowing that I can help people achieve their goals is a great feeling.

What’s your diet like and how could you change it? My diet is normally pretty good. It changes depending on what I’m trying to achieve from my training. Right now I’m eating a lot of protein and lots of green vegetables. I am fortunate that I don’t really have a sweet tooth and actually like experimenting with fresh foods and trying out new recipes.

Have you ever been on a diet and did it work? Yes I’m always reading and trying new diets to see how I can help my members achieve better results or mixing them up for the best results. The diet I have personally tried for weight loss has been the warrior diet which involves changing your eating cycle to maximise the number of calories burned each day – it’s a tough one and not one I would particularly recommend.

Are you happy with your body? In general, yes. I am fit and healthy but like anyone, I have to work at it.

What are your guilty pleasures? I can’t resist cheese and I love mayonnaise.

How much do you drink a week? I don’t really drink alcohol. The odd half of cider on a night out is about the most I will stretch to.

Have you ever smoked? No.

What are your health and fitness goals for the future? My goals are to get fitter, stronger, healthier and leaner and help others achieve this too by building more bootcamps across the North East.


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