Growing problem of big weight gain

IN 2008, the most recent figures available from the NHS show that show that 25% of men were classed as obese compared with only 7% in 1987.

IN 2008, the most recent figures available from the NHS show that show that 25% of men were classed as obese compared with only 7% in 1987. These figures are shocking and unfortunately initiatives of the past decade have done nothing to improve matters.

It’s important you take responsibility for yourself and your children and make necessary changes. In many cases they don’t have to be huge, but you need to stick with them.

Work at your own pace and if there is an exercise you are unable to perform, miss it out or add your own.

Here is this week’s circuit.

David Fairlamb’s Fat Attack Circuit

Duration of the session: 20-25 minutes

Time per station: 20-25 seconds

Rest time between stations: 15 seconds

Rest time between circuits: 90 seconds

What you need: A medicine ball if you have one or you could use a football instead. A chair or bench and skipping rope.

Warm up and cool down 4-5 minutes walk or jog exaggerating the arm movements to warm the body up. Be sensible on your first circuit until you feel fully warm. Cool down with an easy walk or jog on the spot followed by some stretching – see my warm-up video. Session time starts after your warm-up.


Step-up jump: As you step up, jump and swap legs, make sure you control the downward section and the leg returns to the floor in a controlled fashion.

Press-up alternative: One hand stays much further forward than the other, then swap after each press-up. Keep your back straight at all times. If you are struggling with a full press-up, keep knees on the floor.

Knee thrusts: Always keep the front leg off the floor and try to keep a big range of movement

Shoulder press: Concentrate on pushing straight above your head with no forward movement, stretch at the top

Skipping: One or two legged and work on speed

Upper back: Keep your back straight leaning forward from the hips.

Arabesque: Start with your body all hunched then lift on one leg and stretch your arms and leg. Aim to have them parallel to the floor.

Deep squat using medicine ball; Deep squat then lift and stretch a medicine ball or football above your head. This can be performed quickly.

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Nutrition corner

The excuse of cold weather = hot stodgy food isn’t good enough, it’s all in the mind. Hot healthy food takes the same time to cook so it’s all about your food choices.

Weight loss tip

Cut your portion sizes, it’s very simple but highly effective. Most people put far too much on their plates and feel they have to eat it all.


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