Functional Trainer: New Year, New Approach to Health

If your health, or your fitness is one of your priorities in life, then you will no doubt be aware of the many available ways to enhance it.

If your health, or your fitness is one of your priorities in life, then you will no doubt be aware of the many available ways to enhance it.  If anything it’s probably a bit overwhelming this time of year.  Which sport, therapy, therapist, gym, equipment and diet to choose?  The truth is that your approach to health or a performance goal will be significantly different to the next person’s and finding something sustainable is key.

From Pillar to Post
Whilst many of us have fitness, athletic and performance goals, today the focus is on Health and Wellbeing.  ‘Functional Trainer’ specialises in working with people to eliminate pain and rehabilitate injuries.  When looking for an answer to pain and injury many clients feel that they have previously been passed from pillar-to-post.  This often happens because only the symptoms are being treated, not the person with the symptoms/pain/injury/illness/disease.  When we do this, we end up chasing the symptoms around the body and enter a cycle that can be frustrating and disjointed.

An Integrated Answer
The answer is to get the best out of all health care available to us.  If the conventional and medical methods can work alongside complimentary and preventative therapies, then we have more effective results and confidence.  Integrating services takes communication, expertise and motivation.  All of these are evident at the Northern Integrative Health Practice County Durham.  This could be the future of health care and is an option for those with:

:: Lower Back and Neck Pain
:: Sports Injuries
:: Frozen Shoulder
:: Joint Pain
:: Stress
:: Fatigue
:: Metabolic Diseases
:: And Much More…..

No More Fads
The best piece advice this time of year is to avoid all fads.  Choose a method/sport/practitioner/trainer that you are confident in and one that you believe will be a positive and sustainable step towards greater levels of health and wellbeing. At ‘Functional Trainer’ it is understood that an approach must be built on sound principles and must be holistic in nature, but must also be specific to the needs of each individual.  What works for one person, may not work for the other.  With that in mind, this is what is available from ‘Functional Trainer’ across the North East (Newcastle/County Durham):

:: Personal Fitness Training………….for increasing energy, fitness levels and weight management
:: Corrective Exercise…………for alignment, postural and strength goals
:: The Bowen Technique…………..for soft tissue therapy and pain reduction
:: Nutrition…………………Metabolic Typing and BioSignature methods available
:: Hair Mineral Test Analysis……………for assessing mineral and toxicity levels
:: Detoxification Programming…………….alongside nutrition and lifestyle changes
:: Kinesio Taping……………to support injury rehabilitation and pain management

‘Functional Trainer’ provides Corrective Exercise Coaching, The Bowen Technique and Metabolic Typing ® Nutrition.


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