Former Fit Factor finalist Kerry Robertson tells of terrific transformation

Fit Factor 2013 finalist Kerry Robertson's transformation didn't stop after the twelve weeks were up as she explains

Kerry Robertson shows off her slimmer figure at David Fairlamb's gym in North Shields
Kerry Robertson shows off her slimmer figure at David Fairlamb's gym in North Shields

Kerry Robertson was a contestant last year on Fit Factor and since then has never looked back.

Her starting weight was just under 18 stones and the mother-of-one lost 3st 3lbs in 12 weeks. After the Fit Factor Kerry went on to lose a further two stone, run the Great North Run and is still losing weight today.

In her blog she will share her thoughts, hints, tips and outlook on the Fit Factor 2014 and the contestants involved.

She said: "Back in the bubble!

"A whole year has passed since I secured a place in the Journal's Fit Factor 2013 competition and although I didn't win I feel I truly became a winner.

"The last year has had many highs and lows and I'm about to share in the experiences of six people who have been picked to be in the Fit Factor 2014.  The competition launched in January by The Journal saw some very worthy candidates apply for which is primarily a weight loss competition, but the reality is the 12 weeks are about discovery and realisations.

"The 'lucky' six are about to embark on what I consider one the most important and defining journeys of their life.

"Of course, other journeys in life can have more impact, for example, having children, losing a family member, taking a chance on a new career or starting over after a divorce or bad split - most of these will often come to resolution.

"But for anyone who has ever been overweight they will know that the battle never ends. Even at target weight a person who gains weight easily will need to work hard at keeping it off, which is why so many fad diets and quick fixes just don't work.

"Being overweight can be very debilitating, not just in movement but physiologically, the common theme with all the entrants we spoke to, and of my own experience, is that the effect of being big has a huge negative impact on self esteem, confidence and self respect. The Fit Factor will teach them that they are worth it, that they are important and that health and fitness should never be taken for granted.

"The Fit Factor six will all be thrown in the deep end and it will be a sink or swim response. Although the swimming will be with Olympic swimmer Chris Cook in a few weeks time I suspect even with the excess weight they all carry that there will be no sinking!

"Determination is the scent that fills the air at David Fairlamb Fitness Gym in North Shields - that and a sense of enthusiasm and change. This is a good combination and is what the six will need for the next three months. They will place themselves in a bubble and be blinkered to the outside world.

"Here's a little of what they should expect: sore muscles, sugar cravings, sweating profusely, feeling elated, feeling low and wanting to cry, crying, day dreaming about a bacon sandwich, thinking they might die, sleeping better, enjoying cooking, too cold, too hot, short of breath, feeling accomplished, feeling beaten, fighting back, more energy, running up the stairs, loose clothing, new clothing, pride, happiness, freedom, power, beating the ramp and eventually realisation and discovery that they could do it, that they have done it and that they will continue to do it all!

"They will discover they can do things they never thought possible, they will realise that they can change and that the path before them is their opportunity to embrace life.

"So what happens when the bubble bursts and the 12 weeks are over?

"Well that's up to them, are they a winner and continue to lose weight, get fit and live life to the fullest (not including chips!) or go back to old habits? Only time will tell.

"I'll be here each week to give you hints, tips, insights and updates on the Fit Factor progress and what makes for being successful in weight loss and life gaining!"

Kerry's Healthy Eating Tips

You’ve all heard it said .... "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" and it’s true. If you skip breakfast your body will go in to starve mode and anything you eat later that day will be stored as fat!

The Fit Factor team will have to ditch the sugary cereals, stodgy sandwiches and so called breakfast bars (full of sugar) and swap it for a hit of protein and fruit.

Starting your day right means you will boost your body’s immune system and give you energy for the day.

A pint of water and fresh lemon will cleanse you and kick start your metabolic rate, take a pint of water to bed with a wedge of lemon and drink it before you get out of bed in the morning. I promise you will feel the benefits instantly.

Eggs are the best breakfast by far - scramble them, poach them, boil them or make an omelette and you are good to go.

Omelettes are the easiest;

3 eggs (2 yolks removed to reduce the amount of cholesterol)

Pinch of black pepper

Choice of filling: any veg like mushrooms, onions, courgette, aubergine or meat like lean ham, fish or chicken.

Heat a non stick  frying pan, add any filling you like and cook down with a little splash of water.

Once nearly cooked add the egg mix and as it sets scrape in towards the middle and allow the wet egg to fill the spaces. Leave it to cook through and flip over. You could place under a grill if you want to make sure it’s all cooked first.



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