Focus on fitness goals

NOW we are three weeks in to 2011 I hope you are still focussed and clinging on to your New Year weight loss and fitness resolutions.

NOW we are three weeks in to 2011 I hope you are still focussed and clinging on to your New Year weight loss and fitness resolutions.

Your day-to-day eating and weekly shopping lists should be much healthier.

Take pride in saying “no” to those who offer you food that you know is miles away from what you should be having. This along with a sensible exercise regime will see you achieve great results.

Always make sure you warm up before each workout and cool down and stretch after. Work at your own pace and if there is an exercise you are unable to perform, miss it out or add your own. Here is this week’s circuit, check out the video above for my demonstrations:

David Fairlamb's Fat Attack Circuit

Duration of the session – 20-25 minutes.

Time per station – 20-25 seconds.

Rest time between stations – 15 seconds.

Rest time between circuits – 90 seconds.

What you need: A medicine ball if you have one or you could use a football instead, a bench or chair and some dumbbells or bottles of water.

Warm up and cool down with a four to five minutes walk or jog, exaggerating the arm movements to warm the body up. Be sensible on your first circuit until you feel fully warm.

Cool down with an easy walk or jog on the spot followed by some stretching, see my warm-up video.

Session time starts after your warm up.


Lunge with medicine ball: Holding the ball above your head allows you to keep your body straight and upright, work on good technique.

Biceps: If you haven’t used resistance before add dumbbells or resistance bands, or if you don’t have either bottles of water will work.

Side lunge: Lift your knee up high in front before stepping to the side, focus on a good range of movement.

Triceps dips: Using a bench or chair bend your elbows and keep your back straight moving up and down the side of the seat.

Quick knees: Quick arms, quick knees and work hard.

Lunge twist: Keep your arms at shoulder height and look to complete the twist from your torso, keeping your hips square.

Press up on medicine ball: Put one hand on top of a medicine ball or football and keep your body straight. If you struggle with full press-ups complete the exercise with your knees on the ground

Quick high knees: Look to lift your knees as high as you can, with speed, in front of you.

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