Fit to tackle a new year

FOR many of you getting your body into a routine of eating and exercising correctly is the key to succeeding with your New Year’s resolutions.

FOR many of you getting your body into a routine of eating and exercising correctly is the key to succeeding with your New Year’s resolutions.

The harsh reality of the festive excesses has probably hit home. That’s all in the past now, so look positively ahead with your new goals and outlook for 2010.

If weight loss is one of your goals, check my healthy meal option each week alongside the super food and fitness schedule.

Here are this week’s training options. Remember they are a guideline and can be adapted to go within your own training programme or you can simply pick certain sessions or exercises to do, every individual is different with their own goals and ideas of what they want to achieve.

Always make sure you warm up before each workout and cool down and stretch after.

Longer workout, 45-60 minutes

If you do your training outside, hopefully the wintry conditions will have subsided enough to allow you to get back to normal. Aim for a long session of up to 60 minutes. Within the session put three five-minute periods where you work hard. Remember to work within your own capabilities but be disciplined enough to work at a much higher pace.

If you are just starting a fitness regime, 45 minutes easy pace, which may be just a walk or cycle, is fine. Work at a tempo where you are just slightly out of breath but can still talk comfortably.

If it is icy you can always use the beach!

Interval workout, 25-35 minutes

After a longer warm-up than normal, try a session working at 30-second intervals with 30-60 seconds’ recovery between each. This can be done in the gym on a rower, cycle, stepper, cross trainer or outside walking/running. The amount of intervals is down to how quick you do them, how much recovery you have and your level of fitness. As your fitness improves you can add more intervals, cut the rest periods or pick the pace up.

If you are just starting, try 5-8 or for those who are super fit try up to 20.

Body sculpting, 30 minutes

This week the main focus is the biceps. I have added another two exercises on video for you to follow. For resistance, I use bands on the video but you could use items such as tins of beans or bottles of water instead. I would also like you to work on your triceps, stomach and back – all of which can be viewed on previous videos.

Aim for three sets of 8-12 for the arms. The stomach exercises need to be done slowly and in sets of 10. Try to work through all of the different videos twice, same with the back.

Low fat lunch

Chicken salad sandwich on wholemeal bread and an apple.

The salad includes tomato, for moisture, and rocket. Do not add sauces or dressings and it must be made with wholemeal bread with no butter. White bread is a huge no no.

Find out more about David Fairlamb Fitness Consultants – or call 0771 3640899.

Super food

All peppers are rich in vitamin A, C and K, therefore great for your immune system. They also help reduce inflammation like that found in arthritis and asthma. Vitamin K helps strengthen bones and helps protect cells from oxidative damage. An excellent food to fill out salads and sandwiches.


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