Fit Factor trainer David Fairlamb gives his weight loss top tips

Fit Factor trainer David Fairlamb hands out advice for those looking to lose weight without resorting to fad diets

Fit Factor trainer David Fairlamb
Fit Factor trainer David Fairlamb

After eight weeks of the Fit Factor, our finalists have lost a combined weight of 17stones 2.5lbs. Here, trainer David Fairlamb gives his top tips to beating the bulge.

  • Sugar. I call it ‘white death’. Cut all refined sugar out of your diet, eg cakes, chocolate, sugar in tea/coffee, fizzy drinks.
  • Train smart. Make sure you are exercising correctly. Quality is better than quantity, a shorter interval based training will help supercharge your metabolism and help burn more fat. Speak to a fitness professional to make your training more specific.
  • Targets. Seventy per cent of people who start an exercise/weight loss regime without a target fail. Set short and long term targets this will keep you continually focused. Only weigh yourself every few weeks, the results will then motivate you to carry on.
  • Processed food is full of refined carbohydrates and sugars and needs to be taken out of your diet.
  • Snacks often are just a habit and they all add up - three chocolate biscuits a day leads to 21 a week, 84 a month, 504 in six months and 1,008 a year. If you add this along with other foods you should avoid, you can see how easy it is to put excess weight on. Cut them out and you realise its easy to drop weight.
  • Ditch fad diets. Eat what the body was designed to eat, based around lean meat, fish vegetables, salads, eggs and water. This is not a diet, its the most natural way humans can eat.
  • Water. Drink two to three litres a day, this will help keep you hydrated and stave off hunger.
  • Food is Number One. You can’t out train a bad diet, healthy food is your number one priority.
  • Alcohol. Two glasses of wine per day is around 35,000 calories a year - equivalent to 10lbs of fat. If you are desperate to lose weight cutting the alcohol is a good place to start.
  • A will and determination. Any one of us can eat and drink, that’s easy. Those who have the desire and determination, like the Fit Factor six, will achieve the results they want and make the necessary changes to feel and look like new people.


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