Fit Factor diary: It is weigh in week for our six Fit Factor contestants

Our six Fit Factor finalists have now shed a combined weight of more than 17st as they prepare for their latests weigh in

Fit Factor's Katie Cutler working out with trainer David Fairlamb
Fit Factor's Katie Cutler working out with trainer David Fairlamb

It's the last big weigh in before the final of Fit Factor 2015. Trainer David Fairlamb gives his verdict on a week in which our contestants worked harder than ever.

Thursday, May 7

All the group were still buzzing after their tough Bank Holiday Retro session, the variation and change of environment seemed to work well.

Tonight was back in the gym for a shorter, sharper, quick-paced workout. They each had an aerobic machine plus two strength exercises - their target was two minutes full pace, incorporating the three exercises, I told them when to change. There was some good news I allowed two minutes off before they hit another three exercises.

I wanted them to work hard by driving their bodies through each exercise and keep the pace for the full two minutes, each exercise worked a different body part which helped.

They worked so hard for two reasons - firstly because they have learnt how to push their bodies, and secondly their motivation and will to work is unrelenting.

Concentration was spot on tonight on every exercise resulting in another positive nights training for all.

Fit Factor contestants working out
Fit Factor contestants working out

Saturday, May 9 - Tynemouth Beach Bootcamp

Eight weeks ago the six finalists could hardly run, but today their training rose to another level as they proved to me they could all sprint.

The beach was perfectly flat as the tide slowly retracted during Beach Bootcamp. After exercising on the soft sand, I made a track for my bootcampers to sprint. Research shows that many people don’t sprint after the age of 35, yet its the most natural movement of humans, today they all ran with the wind. I made everyone lift their knees, lengthen their stride and go for it - it was amazing to see the six go.

They were shocked how good they felt and indeed how good it made them feel.

This is exactly what I wanted to achieve from this session and it worked.

Monday, May 11 - week eight: The Weigh In

Today was the last time the six would hear their weight in statistics before the final on June 4.

I will be weighing them after Week 10 but I will not be revealing their results. Just by looking at the six, I knew the results would be superb and I was right - the combined weight loss has now soared to 17stones ...What a result and a one that they all deserve.

They are all looking like new people compared to the original pictures eight weeks ago. They are starting to double take themselves in mirrors, they can’t quite believe how different they look and how quickly it has happened.

Hard work, dedication and focus proves that even at 28 stones 10lbs, which was Jon’s starting weight, things can change. In a matter of eight weeks he has lost four stones and feels like a new man.

It’s not just Jon, it’s all of them and this is what I want to show and prove. No one is a lost cause - if you want it badly you can make it happen, it doesn’t just happen, make a decision and do it.

In tonight’s session I split the group in to two groups of three and together they completed a circuit which including one piece of aerobic equipment. The focus was for one person to nail a target as quickly as possible before the other group members could stop. This kept everyone’s attention and proved a really tough but enjoyable session. The sweetest moment of the evening was left to me as I read their results, another incredible two weeks completed

Here are the weight loss statistics over the last two weeks and their overall eight week weight loss results

Jon Ord - 10lbs total loss 56lbs (4 stones)

Steph Raine - 7lbs total loss 31.5lbs (2 stones 3.5lbs)

Alan Noble - 12lbs total loss 55lbs (3 stones 13lbs)

Claire Watson - 7lbs total loss 27lbs (1 stone 13lbs)

Katie Cutler - 4.5lbs total loss 26.5lbs (1 stone 12.5lbs)

Nigel Addison - 13lbs total loss 45lbs (3 stones 3lbs)


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