Fit Factor diary: Tynemouth beach bootcamp helps keep up the spirits of our finalists

With just two weeks to go, our Fit Factor finalists are really digging deep to make every last training session count reveals trainer David Fairlamb

Fit Factor finalists taking part in special beach bootcamp
Fit Factor finalists taking part in special beach bootcamp

Thursday May 21 - Beach, Hills, sprints and stairs

Nine weeks ago, this group of six struggled to do any exercise and never even contemplated running. Tonight’s session, more than any other, proved with the correct diet, exercise and 100% focus how quickly you can turn your whole life around.

The workout was all based around the Tynemouth coast. First it was a warm up and running on the soft sand which is tough on its own, then up the stairs to exit Longsands.

After running up an incline toward the priory they powered for 10 minutes up and down the priory bank.

To see them all running up the bank was mission accomplished for me because I told them they would be able to do this in a matter of weeks at the beginning of the Fit Factor - they certainly didn’t believe it.

They hadn’t finished yet - next it was the incredibly long and steep stairs on King Edwards Bay, with their legs already very tired they kept going and conquered the full stairs not only once but four times.

An exhilarating and hugely confidence boosting workout which they all loved and wont forget.

Saturday May 23 - Tynemouth Beach Bootcamp

Fit Factor finalists taking part in special beach bootcamp
Fit Factor finalists taking part in special beach bootcamp

After Thursday’s brilliant session they were still feeling tired in their legs before Bootcamp had even started. There was good news for the six because today’s session was more strength based rather than running or ramps.

It was a stunning morning with quite an audience watching from the top of the stairs. The Saturday bootcamp is quite an event due to the large numbers we get and this has certainly inspired the six.

In fact a few people have come down just to watch how the team train, they have been motivated by reading their stories in the newspaper - this is great to hear and I know from the emails I receive many people are following their journey and indeed have made their own lifestyle changes as a result.

Monday May 25 - Bank Holiday

With two weeks left, once again there was no rest on Bank Holiday. Today were straight in to a full hour of aerobic exercise, hitting big muscle groups. I am determined to make every minute count before the finale on June 4.

They had to work together, as I set huge distances to achieve in a combined effort throughout the session.

This group have come together from day one and know each other’s strength and weaknesses, they used this to their advantage by placing the strongest and quickest to certain exercises - the session was completed in record time.

They all looked so happy and focused today and were a joy to train. We all had a good chat after the workout and talked about their way forward after the 12 weeks.

They all need a focus and a routine that fits into their lifestyle so they can keep the consistency of the training going, there is still a long way to go for them all after the 12 weeks and they need to keep focused.

Fit Factor Finale - Thursday 4th June, 6.30 - 8.30pm - Gateshead International Stadium

Tickets are now on sale for the Fit Factor Finale which takes place at Gateshead International Stadium on Thursday 4th June - 6.30pm - 8.30pm.

Cost is £10 of which £5 will be donated to the Katie Cutler Foundation. This is your opportunity to see and hear how the finalists have transformed themselves over 12 weeks, as I announce their final weigh in results, before revealing the winner.

After a short break I will be giving a nutrition/motivational speech revealing why the Fit Factor has had such dramatic results plus inspire you to, move forward, re focus and tackle your next challenge. Tickets are limited - to secure your place email


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