Fit Factor diary: The end is close for finalists as they battle towards the finish line

Blood, sweat and tears have all helped make up another busy week for our Fit Factor Finalists. Trainer David Fairlamb takes us through the schedule

Fit Factor contestants training
Fit Factor contestants training

The end is in sight for our Fit Factor finalists as they make that extra push to reach the finish line. Trainer David Fairlamb reveals a week of blood, sweat and tears.

Wednesday May 13 - Extra training session

With less than one month to the final, I have lined up some extra sessions for he finalists. Tonight was a specific session overseen by top strength and conditioning coach Joel Brannigan. Together we planned a unique session working on their strength, range of movement flexibility and co ordination.

The class was in my gym but we only used some resistance bands and broom handles. This was a totally different type of session to what the six have been used to and they loved it - the knowledge they are learning both through the exercise and nutrition will give them the perfect platform to change their habits permanently.

Fit Factor contestants training under the watchful eye of David Fairlamb
Fit Factor contestants training under the watchful eye of David Fairlamb

Thursday May 14- Rugby training

Tonight I had organised to meet the six for a rugby session on the beach. Apart from Jon the others had never completed any sort of rugby training, in fact not even held a rugby ball. I showed them the basics, they all worked together completing different drills and passing games together with the ball. Because they were concentrating so much on the rugby they didn’t realise how much running they were doing.

It was fantastic to see the positive energy ooze from them all, this shows how far they have come. Eight weeks ago they struggled to run, tonight it never crossed their minds how far or fast they were running - they were too busy concentrating on the rugby - brilliant effort!

Saturday May 16 - Tynemouth Beach Bootcamp

I was unable to attend this morning which gave the six a chance to prove they can focus and train just as hard when I’m not around. There was loads of beach therefore plenty of space for this mornings session and my other trainers kept a close eye on the finalists.

Once the 12 weeks is over and the intensity of the Fit Factor subsides is going to be a really tough time for the six, trying to hold their self discipline with the food and exercise plus they need to make sure old habits never return - this is a change of lifestyle that needs to be sustained and I have reiterated this fact every session.

Another week over and they finished on a high in the fresh air of Tynemouth.

Monday May 18

Tonight in an incident packed workout there was quite literally blood, sweat and tears!

After the extra session last week and the added rugby workout the six were a little jaded tonight but they started well. For the first time I set them distance targets which were to be timed and recorded. I have avoided this previously, as I didn’t want them to overdo things.

They worked in pairs but the sessions didn’t quite go to plan. Steff has had very little sleep over the last few days due to various circumstances, felt very faint and had to lie down, Katie had only just eaten an hour before training, due to a meeting and felt very sick leading to her being upset, Jon had cut his leg and was bleeding - suddenly, from a great start, the session was turned on its head therefore it was difficult for the other three to concentrate.

Even with the interruptions they all manage to continue in some way or form the end. I explained that these things do happen and just because some couldn’t perform 100% doesn’t matter, they will come back stronger.

This was the first session in nine weeks that things haven’t gone to plan, not a bad record.

Steff, Katie and Jon like the rest left happy and smiling as I reminded them they have already dropped over 17 stones between them.


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