Fit Factor diary: David Fairlamb reveals how our finalists are training harder than ever

After passing the halfway point, our Fit Factor team are now pushing their boundaries in a bid to shed their weight and change their lives

There was no Bank Holiday rest for our Fit Factor finalists who this week were determined to work harder than ever.

Trainer David Fairlamb’s weekly diary reveals how the team are gaining confidence - and losing weight.

Thursday, April 30

The 13st 5.5lbs dropped by the finalists in the first six weeks has had a hugely positive response from the readers and social media.

I’ve received emails, tweets and facebook messages congratulating the six on such remarkable results. This has given them all a real boost so thank you, and remember there is still six weeks to go.

Tonight I watched them complete a strength workout which I wanted them to push and drive their bodies harder than they have previously.

The last six weeks they have pushed certain boundaries, but tonight I needed them to train their minds to push on and ignore the stop signal and prove that their bodies can over-ride their minds. They did this in the most dramatic way.

The positive vibes and way they worked together encouraging each other made me quite emotional, its like training new people now - quite amazing.

At the end, as usual, we all sat for a chat and listening to them talking about their new lifestyles and attitudes was like music to my ears.

The Journal Fit Factor contestants being put through their paces by David Fairlamb
The Journal Fit Factor contestants being put through their paces by David Fairlamb

Saturday, May 2 - Saturday Tynemouth Beach Bootcamp

There were some aching bodies this morning, Thursdays session had a real impact which proves how much they pushed themselves. The beach looked stunning, the tide was out and the sand was perfectly flat, ideal conditions to train.

There was a fair amount of short sharp exercises today so I asked the team to be aware, as always, of their bodies and work sensibly as the beach environment is not as controlled as the gym.

They trained very well and worked hard as usual. My Beach Bootcamps are designed so you can work as hard or easy as you like, therefore its down to each individual to push on. I watched them all and, as expected, they couldn’t give any more.

Monday May 4- Bank Holiday

Monday is a training day for the six whether its bank holiday or not.

Today they completed a back to school, retro workout in the sports hall - this included diving on crash mats, climbing over a gym horse, pushing and throwing rolled up mats and lifting old school benches.

This was a complete change from the safe environment of the gym. I spent time explaining each exercise correctly as safety is always my first priority, especially working on the hard gym floor.

They got stuck in straight away, throwing themselves on the crash mats to make them side along the floor, bounded over the gym horse and used their power to throw the mats. I could see they were loving the sessions as they never stopped smiling.

Nothing has phased this group and they just keep getting fitter and fitter, another great workout and the one I think they have enjoyed the most.


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