Fit Factor contestants weigh in at the halfway stage

Our Fit Factor finalists have reached their halfway point - and things are looking good as trainer David Fairlamb reveals

As our Fit Factor Finalists reach the halfway stage of this year’s competition it is time to check on their progress.

And after another tough week, trainer David Fairlamb reveals in his diary that hard work does pay off.

Thursday April 23

Tonight was another gym-based session which involved a number of interval-based boxing sets followed by some tough aerobic work.

Jon was still unwell and although he wanted to train I want him to be 100% before he returns.

I asked Katie’s dad Alec to join in as he was watching, giving us even numbers for the boxing/pad work. Like Katie, he too has been following the Fit Factor healthy food regime and has lost over a stone. This sort of support and encouragement from family members and those closest to you is essential to help keep motivated and focused.

They all fought hard to keep the pace and energy levels high throughout the session.

Finishing the boxing was one thing, but they then had to work as a team to hit a specific distance on each of the aerobic machines, this was extremely hard and it was great to see how they all push each other along all the way. They are now a close-knit team.

Saturday April 25 - Tynemouth Beach Bootcamp

Every five weeks at DF Fitness, before Beach Bootcamp, we run a Saturday morning Fitness assessment. I had mentioned it to the group in passing but didn’t expect anyone to go as they were already doing Beach Bootcamp.

However, Steph who lives at least 1 hour 15mins drive away, turned up and wanted to see what she could achieve. This just shows the huge commitment and dedication needed to hit targets quickly. She didn’t make excuses about the distance or say she was going to come then didn’t. She just got on with it, without a fuss and achieved some great results. This is the type of commitment I love to see.

Fit Factor weigh in. The contestants lift David Fairlamb who weighs 13.5 stone, the exact weight the group have lost collectively so far
Fit Factor weigh in. The contestants lift David Fairlamb who weighs 13.5 stone, the exact weight the group have lost collectively so far

It was then straight to the beach - there was very little beach due to the tide being in. It was good to see Jon back training after his chest infection and a 45 min session which included a lot of work on the soft sand and the ramp, they all left happy and smiling knowing week by week, they are looking, feeling and training like new people, what a feeling...

Monday April 27 - Six week half way point

All six walked in with big smiles on their faces for the half way point weigh-in. They all knew the results were going to be good - they could see it and feel it.

The results were not just good they were incredible as collectively they have lost an awesome 13 stones 5.5lbs which is equivalent to my body weight. This is a huge turning point in the way they perceive themselves rocketing their confidence and self esteem.

I’m so happy to see this group progress in such a dramatic way, the effort and dedication from every individual has been first class and when that happens look what can be achieved -

Six weeks gone, and six to go.

Here are the results over the last two weeks and then the six weeks total so far

Jon Ord - 19lbs Total loss 3 stones 4lbs

Steph Raine - 7.5lbs Total loss 1 stone 10.5lbs

Alan Noble - 14lbs Total loss 3 stones 1lbs

Claire Watson - 5lbs Total loss 1 stone 6lbs

Katie Cutler - 6lbs Total loss 1 stones 8lbs

Nigel Addison - 10lbs Total loss 2 stones 4lbs

Total loss over six weeks - 13 stones 5.5lbs


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