Fit Factor 2014: Finalist Lisa Embleton

Introducing Lisa Embleton, one of our six Fit Factor finalists ready to battle the bulge and change her life

Taking part in The Journal's Fit Factor 2014, Lisa Embleton
Taking part in the Journals Fit Factor 2014, Lisa Embleton

AGE: 35

FROM: Kingston Park

JOB: NVQ Assessor

WEIGHT: 20st 11lbs

HEIGHT: 5ft 6ins

BODY FAT: 52.5%



Lisa is engaged to John Barron, a home carer, and the couple are set to get married in September this year.

She is currently too heavy to qualify for fertility treatment and is determined to significantly reduce her Body Mass Index so that she can have the opportunity to try IVF.

The 35-year-old has polycystic ovary syndrome, which makes it hard for her to conceive naturally, and she also has the added health complications of an underactive thyroid and high blood pressure.

Lisa would love to look her best on her wedding day and has taken the bold decision to buy a dress that is currently two sizes too small.

She said: “I would like to get my life back and be able to walk into a shop and find clothes that fit me.

“I am sick of not being able to do things as I am too big or because I am too unhealthy.

“I am also wanting to have children and need IVF, but because of my weight this is not possible at the moment.

“If I want to try IVF I feel that I cannot wait much longer and this has made me even more determined to lose weight.

“I am currently a dress size 24 and I’ve bought a wedding dress that is size 20. I am positive that I am going to lose weight and the outcome will be life-changing.

“My weight gain has made me miserable in the past as I did not want to go away or go to theme parks with my nieces. I am socially not very confident.

“I feel very lucky to have made the final six of Fit Factor.”

Lisa’s twitter address is @tiggerbazz78


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