Fit Factor 2013 finalist: Kate Pickard

“I was always a size 12 until I had my daughter Megan, who’s now five.

Fit Factor 2013 finalist Kate Pickard

NAME: Kate Pickard
AGE: 24
FROM: Chester-le-Street
JOB: Dental nurse
WEIGHT: 15st
HEIGHT: 5ft 6ins
BODY FAT: 45.3%


“I was always a size 12 until I had my daughter Megan, who’s now five. I had Strep B and had to have an emergency caesarian so I was out of action for a while, but I can’t make that excuse anymore.

I thought one of the reasons I was putting on weight was the contraceptive implant so I came off that two years ago and I was also diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, which can make it harder to lose weight.

Since I had Megan I’ve got lazy with food too. I work part time at Mr Bholah’s dental surgery in Gosforth and if I’m home late I might just get a takeaway.

Because I would have a banana for breakfast and snack on fruit, I’d think I was being healthy. But I was ignoring the pot noodle or pastie for lunch, the takeaways twice a week and the bags of crisps. I suppose I was in denial.

I’ve been to Slimming World, but it was complicated and I didn’t stick to it and I’ve tried cutting out carbs, which didn’t work. All I ever seem to lose is a couple of pounds and feel like I’m going round in circles.

I haven’t got any confidence and I can’t find anything to wear. I want to be able to get clothes in normal shops not fat shops as I’m a size 20 to 22. I’m in leggings all the time, so you don’t notice when you’re putting on weight and I avoid the scales. There’s times when I’ve cried in the changing rooms and I hardly go out, except for a special occasion.

Because I don’t feel comfortable in a swimming costume, Megan has swimming lessons instead of me taking her. I’d love to be able to run around with her and help her with her dancing. I don’t want my little girl to grow up thinking this is a normal way to be.

I entered Fit Factor because I can’t let myself get any bigger. If I do it’ll be so hard to get off. I’m engaged to Dean, 26, who I’ve been with for 11 years and I want to lose weight so I can set a date for my wedding. I’ve also got my cousin’s wedding on May 29 at the end of Fit Factor so it would be great to look good for that.

I’ve already started trying to make changes. Going to a bootcamp for the last six weeks has helped my motivation but I don’t think I’ve lost the pounds. I need more support and someone to kick me up the bum!”


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