Expert advice: Don’t sabotage yourself with treats

ARE you a Member of The Treat Club? Then how many of these relate to you?

ARE you a Member of The Treat Club? Then how many of these relate to you?

• Do you exercise so you can eat what you want?

• Do you like to “treat” yourself to junk food after working out?

• Do you wonder why you are not changing shape even though you are at the gym every night?

• Do you try to eat more healthily, but then eat “treats” when no one is looking?

Do you see where I am going with this?

Can you relate?

By the way, replace “treat” with whatever you do for example biscuits, crisps, takeaways. It is a total false economy to think that doing exercise will get you the body that you want.

That is why you exercise right? To improve fitness, muscle tone and how you look and feel? To shed unwanted pounds and to look great in a mirror?

So why would you sabotage yourself every time you exercise by having a “Treat” afterwards? Why put in all the hard work to instantly undo it with what you put in your mouth?

The old adage, one can’t hurt can it? Actually does. There is no such thing as moderation. Moderation is another way of saying the middle way or average. But who wants to be average?

Who wants an average life or average health?

No matter what you think or hope to believe, exercise is only a part of the equation.

Would you put petrol in a diesel engine? You can’t out-train a bad diet. It is this “treat” mentality that stops you getting where you want to be and to have the figure/body you want. If you want feel great all the time instead of just some of the time then using food as “treats” will not get you there.

Why would you put in all the hard work to then undo it immediately? If you want to look good then put in the effort in the gym and in the kitchen, exercise is not enough.

If you want to treat yourself, go out and buy new clothes to show off the new you. That is much better than eating chocolate biscuits and drinking fizzy drinks.

Remember everything you ingest becomes who you are. You literally are what you eat!

Why not want an excellent life? Excellent health? Excellent fitness? It is there for the taking. You might think “who am I to want to be better”. I would argue, who are you not to be? Why would you settle for moderation when excellence is there for the taking?

Excellence means “to go beyond”. So go beyond normal, beyond mediocrity, push your boundaries beyond parts of your life that matter the most.

Be excellent!

Dean Coulson is a health coach at


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