Expert advice: Don’t play mind games with yourself

I BELIEVE that every exercise programme needs to start with your mind.

I BELIEVE that every exercise programme needs to start with your mind. If your mind is not right, then you will struggle to achieve what you desire.

Do you have the willpower to have one glass of wine or the whole bottle? Can you stick to a healthy eating plan or fall off the wagon at the first sign of chocolate? Even though you are fed up of hangovers or feeling fat, you still find yourself drinking on a weekend, eating chocolate, having a coffee or not training.

The question is why do you keep doing this? It’s because your past beliefs don’t match up with what you want!

If you’re trying to get back into shape, but for years you’ve been overweight and never been able to stick to an exercise programme, then you’ve conditioned your mind to fail. Your mind will try to sabotage you.

If you can relate to this, you can solve it. You can change your beliefs. By changing your habits, you will have a brain that tells you to live by these new healthy rules and helps you every second of every day, to eat better and to exercise, without even thinking. You just do it because it’s in your programming.

So here is what you need to do.

Ask what you truly think about yourself. Are you afraid of looking great? Is the fat you carry a safety net? Do others try to stop you? Write it down.

Now create positive affirmations. If you think that diets never work for you because “I’ve always been overweight and that’s just the way it is” then change that first. It’s not true – it is just your belief.

Have you lost weight before? Rewrite it to what you want it to say – “I look brilliant at 12 stone and follow a lifestyle that keeps me like this.”

If you crave junk food, remember what it does to you long-term. Reinforce the pain it gives. It is stopping you achieving your dream body and being more confident.

Now when you eat healthy food do it with your favourite music playing. Tell yourself this food makes you look and feel great and you love it. Literally install the belief that you love to eat this way and you always will.

Read your new positive affirmations every day. Re-programme your mind and remember. Whether you believe it or not, your mind will listen and change how you think. It doesn’t judge.

The power to be great is in your control, no one else’s. Take the power of your mind and make it work for you.

:: Dean Coulson is a fat-loss expert and health coach at Assert Health & Fitness. Call 07017 406 000 or see


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