Enjoy the lighter nights

AT last the lighter nights are here and the weather is starting to improve which gives you more of an opportunity to start exercising outside.

AT last the lighter nights are here and the weather is starting to improve which gives you more of an opportunity to start exercising outside.

Most of us spend our life indoors. We sleep/eat indoors and when we go to work, most of us step straight into a car then out into our place of work.

There is a growing body of research showing the health benefits of being outside. Spending time outside and exercising is effective in reducing stress, boosting energy levels and increases wellbeing.

And training on uneven surfaces rather than on a treadmill builds greater development of co-ordination and strength in the muscles which helps stabilise the body.

The key is about varying your training, mixing things up and enjoying your workout.

Here are this week’s training options. Remember they are a guideline and can be adapted to go within your own training programme or you can simply pick certain sessions or exercises to do, every individual is different with their own goals and ideas of what they want to achieve.

Always make sure you warm up before each workout and cool down and stretch after.

Longer workout, 40-45 minutes

This builds confidence and speed as the session progresses. Start at an easy pace and gradually build your speed until the last mile where you are really pushing yourself hard. This part of the session should take 25-30 minutes.

The second part of the session is more of a cool down. Working over a distance of around 100 metres, simply lengthen your stride. This is not a sprint, just try to stride out and stretch your legs. At the end of each 100 metres jog or walk back to the start. Continue this for the last 10 minutes of your workout.

Interval workout, 25-30 minutes

This week as a variation add some strength work within your workout. Measure 20, 30, 40 and 50 metres on a flat, preferably soft, surface for your joints. Start each sprint with 10 squats then work hard on your speed for each of the distances with a walk or jog recovery back to the start. Those who are more advanced, jump out of the last squat straight into your sprint. Work 5-8 times through focusing on technique with your squats and powering your arms on the sprints.

Workout in the home: body sculpting – 30 minutes

This alternates cardio and strength work. If you haven’t got a mini trampoline or skipping rope, walking/jogging or sprinting, depending on your level of fitness, on the spot will raise your heart rate sufficiently. Work for 45 seconds to a minute then move on to your top half strength work and aim for a set of 20-30 before moving back to your cardio work.

To finish, take your time concentrating on your stomach and back exercises. Remember to check the exercise technique on my videos.

For an all-in-one exercise programme attend my Beach Bootcamp workouts on a Saturday morning and Wednesday.

Find out more about David Fairlamb Fitness Consultants at www.davidfairlambfitness.co.uk or call 0771 364 0899.


Breakfast: Two slices of lean ham with two poached eggs.

Snack: Two plums.

Lunch: Baked potato with low-fat cottage cheese. Apple.

Snack: Banana.

Dinner: Chilli made with 250g of Quorn mince, with broccoli and carrots. Low-fat live yoghurt with blueberries.

Liquid: 2 litres of water and 1 cup of coffee, no sugar.

For a video of an exercise to strengthen your core, visit www.journallive.co.uk/how-to


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