David Fairlamb: Fit Factor finalists look so different from first session

Fitness trainer David Fairlamb gives an update on how the Fit Factor finalists are progressing

Ash Cunliff gets weighed by David Fairlamb
Ash Cunliff gets weighed by David Fairlamb


Tonight I wanted the finalists to think about pacing themselves in a more endurance-based session.

I gave them repeated longer distance targets and it was down to them to understand how hard they needed to push in order to beat their previous times. This was the perfect way to teach them to hold their focus, rather than thinking about how far or hard it was. They were constantly thinking and watching the speed and time. It worked well and they all admitted the session flew over as their minds were constantly focused.

I once again got them to work in twos and the encouragement and vibe between the group was superb.

When we spoke at the end, Ash and Gemma felt their weight loss wasn’t going to drop as much as it had in the first two weeks. I explained that when you are eating and training brilliantly you can’t do any more and the results will just happen...roll on next week’s weigh-in!


It was great conditions for our beach bootcamp in Tynemouth as the tide was at its lowest.

The flat sand allowed short, sharp, quick exercise to be performed safely.

The finalists were all feeling the aftermath of the toughest week’s training so far but this didn’t stop them pushing hard on every sprint and working every last ounce of energy for the 45 minutes.

They were all desperate to go in to Monday’s for week weigh-in, knowing they couldn’t have given any more, and I know they have achieved that.


Tonight was another big milestone for the finalists, with their four-week weigh-in.

Unlike week two, they didn’t bounce in excited and confident, which surprised me. They were all worried, believing they hadn’t lost much weight.

Any sort of weight loss would be a positive but once again the results were massive - between them they dropped another 4st 10lbs. That’s a combined total of 10st 3lbs in one month - a dramatic achievement.

Ash, Carl and Craig were each within two pounds of dropping 2st each.

Their intense work in the gym and total focus on clean, lean fresh food has worked in the most incredible way. They all look so different from that first session and this is only week four. I can’t wait to see the end result after week 12.


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