David Fairlamb: Fit Factor contestants make incredible progress

Fit Factor trainer David Fairlamb gives an account of the last week of how the team is getting on

Fit Factor in training at David Fairlamb Fitness, Craig Barbour


Apart from the odd niggle, all seven Fit Factor team members arrived early and were keen for another tough session.

I had set up 10 exercise stations within the gym. After a good warm-up, I turned the music up and they launched into a full-on circuit session. I had them working anywhere between 10 and 25 seconds per station with 10 seconds’ rest. This allowed them enough time to move on to the next exercise.

This sort of intensity was another level up from previous sessions as I wanted real speed on some exercises, slow control on others and good posture throughout.

Like week one, there were no complaints, just sheer focus. This session continued for a period of time before I gave them two minutes’ rest before we started again.

They all worked very well. I can see they have all lost weight, which is particularly helping Craig and Lisa with their mobility.

After the circuits they all thought it was time for me to chat, like I do at the end of each session. Unfortunately worse was to come. One by one they all had to cover 750 metres on the Watt bike, while the other six performed a specific exercise I had given them.

It may not sound much but it was extremely specific and intense – a brilliant workout by all.

These seven have really hit this competition hard from the start – it’s fantastic to see!


Today was very foggy and cold at Beach Bootcamp. However, the tide was right out and the sand was flat, giving a perfect surface to train.

All seven trained with much more confidence, in their own ability, than last week. They are learning how much they can push their bodies and indeed how much further their bodies can do, especially with the correct mindset.

All seven ran part or all of the hill leading from the beach up to the road. Lisa was delighted she managed some of the hill run A great effort.

I am so pleased with all their progress in the first 12 days – next stop, the two-week weigh-in.


Unlike the dread of the first weigh-in they were all excited about having their two weeks stats taken. This was a great sign as I knew they were all confident they had made a really positive start.

I took the stats at the start of the session but make them wait until the end of the session to announce the changes. They are all in this together, therefore I talked through the results as a group.

At this point they all looked a little pale, but just as I expected the weight loss was incredible – a massive 5st 7lbs collectively in two weeks. I couldn’t have asked for more dedication with the training or food and it has paid off brilliantly.

They were suitably in shock because in the past it would have taken months to drop that sort of weight.

An awesome start and I’m very proud of them. I did remind them, this is only two weeks of 12 and the dedication must stay 100% throughout, we will then see some dramatic three month transformations.


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