David Fairlamb: Finalists understand exactly how hard to push themselves

Each week, David Fairlamb is writing his own Fit Factor diary on how the contestants are progressing

Fit Factor in training at David Fairlamb Fitness, Craig Barbour
Fit Factor in training at David Fairlamb Fitness, Craig Barbour

Wednesday, May 7

Tonight the finalists were very lucky to be joined by ‘Run Geordie Run’ Mark Allison. They were all in awe as he spoke about his years of fundraising and his epic runs across the USA and Australia.

Mark’s talk illustrated how important the power of the mind was in order for him to complete any of his challenges.

I have tried to instil this to the finalists from day one - the training sessions, total commitment with the food, the overall 12-week dedication are all about keeping mentally strong and having the right people around you. After Mark’s brilliant talk, the finalists had the opportunity to ask him any questions. I’m sure his answers helped remove some of their demons about running and how they were going to complete the Great North Run in a few months!

As Mark, a self-confessed non-sportsman, has proved, if you have a big enough incentive and want to do something badly enough you can achieve anything.

They all loved meeting Mark and he will be back to see them before the 12 weeks is up.

Saturday, May 10: Beach Bootcamp

For the first time the weather was pretty rough on the beach, including the odd heavy downpour, but this made no difference to the attitude or commitment of the finalists.

The bad weather led to a great atmosphere with plenty of good humour and banter as everyone got drenched.

The seven finalists understand exactly how hard to push themselves and make the most out of every workout and today was no different.

It would be easy to hide among the large number of people at bootcamp but they pushed and pushed, it was great to see.

Monday, May 12: Eight-week weigh-in

This was the last time the finalists were weighed before the finale on June 4, where I will announce the winner.

The results were a little disappointing.

In three years of the Fit Factor we have never had anyone who at any of the two week weigh-ins has not dropped weight.

Unfortunately, although Carol has lost a significant amount of weight over the eight weeks, she has stayed the same over the last two.

There are a number of reasons for this but it is still very disappointing for the team and obviously for herself.

We have discussed the reasons as a team and we need to move on and attack the last four weeks of this process. I have 100% faith Carol can refocus and push hard to recover.

It’s a big lesson to all the finalists that whatever struggles you have in your day-to-day life it’s important to keep your focus and draw help from those around you.

The positives are still huge as the finalists have lost a combined weight of over 16 stones - an awesome effort with Craig and Ash breaking three stones each and there is still four weeks to go!




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