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MISCONCEPTION about hair colouring can lead to all sorts of confusion and conspiracy theories.

MISCONCEPTION about hair colouring can lead to all sorts of confusion and conspiracy theories. We asked colour whizz Paul Clayton from Clayton & Company in Gosforth, Newcastle to dispel some of the myths surrounding colour and uncover some professional secrets that will help you achieve a hue that’s right for you.

1 - A spritz of lemon juice will help to lighten your hair in the sun.


“A spritz or squirt is simply not enough to do anything visible,” explains Paul.

“If anything, using lemon juice in this way could dry out your hair and leave it feeling coarse and brittle. We advise clients to protect their colour on holiday as the sun can cause colour to fade so don’t forget to pack a hat or scarf when you head to the beach.”

2 - Swimming pool chemicals can turn your hair green.


“Frequent swimmers with natural blonde or chemically lightened hair that is extremely porous may experience the development of green tints and shades over time,” explains Paul.

“Forward planning is the best way to ensure this doesn't happen. All professional product companies provide a sun care range for the hair. These protect against damage from the sun, sea and chlorine. You would use protection for your skin so why would you not on your hair?”

3 - Blonde hair doesn’t shine.


“Shine is the one thing that all clients are searching for in their blonde and these days it’s more achievable than ever before,” says Paul.

“Salon professional colour innovations have produced pre-lightening products such as Platinium Plus which will ensure a silky result with a gorgeous, natural sheen. Condition is the key and home care maintenance programs are a must. Ask your hairdresser for advice on the best type of product for your colour, we love the Vitamino Colour Collection by série expert.”

4 - Colouring your hair will turn it grey


“Hair only turns grey as part of your pre-determined genetic make-up,” explains Paul. “At some point in everyone’s life, the hair follicle (the live part embedded in the scalp) stops making melanin grains – your hair’s natural colour, so the hair is left with no pigment and ultimately, becomes completely white.”

5 - Red hair will fade faster than other colours


“Red shades may have drawn the short straw with technological advancement before the 1960’s but there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that today’s ruby hues fade any faster than blondes or brunettes,” says Paul. “All colour shades fade over time and with a vibrant red, this may be a little more obvious but it certainly isn’t any faster.”

6 - Highlights will make my hair look stripy


“They shouldn’t unless you ask your stylist for this effect,” laughs Paul. “The end result of your colour will depend on the application technique and colour placement that your hairdresser uses. To ensure the best results, always request a pre-appointment consultation where you can uncover your colour personality by discussing your lifestyle, fashion inspirations and desired effect in detail.”

7 - Grey hair is difficult to cover


“On the contrary, your hairdresser can advise on different types of colour that are specifically designed for grey hair,” says Paul. “For example, we offer Anti-Ageing Highlights by L'Oréal Professionnel that can knock years off our client’s appearance thanks to clever colour placement, shades that complement white hair and a layered cut that works with the natural contours of the face.”

8 - You can’t colour your hair when pregnant


“Although midwives and the medical profession advise against SOME colouring techniques, not all colour services come into contact with the skin and therefore are perfectly safe to have done whilst pregnant,” advises Paul. “If you are in any doubt, always seek professional advice prior to any service being carried out.”

9 - I don’t need to have a skin test if I’ve had colour applied to my hair before


“You should always insist on a skin test being carried out as you may not be having the same colour brand applied to your hair,” says Paul. “This is also an important procedure if you’ve had a tattoo or even a henna tattoo since your last colour service. A skin test takes two minutes and doesn’t require an appointment. All L'Oréal Professionnel salons will insist on a skin test prior to every colour service being carried out. We certainly do!

10 - I haven't had the time or money to get to the salon this month, a home hair colouring kit will create the same results as my hairdresser.


“A professional colourist will have trained long and hard to ensure they know how colours work and which are the correct application techniques to use to create different effects,” advises Paul.

“There are a variety of speedy and inexpensive methods available in salons that can be tailored to your budget and lifestyle.

“Utilise the time in your consultation to ascertain which service will be right for you.”


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