George Osborne visits Alnwick: Recap updates in the battle to win Berwick

As election day looms, the Conservative chancellor has headed to Northumberland to back his party's candidate, Anne-Marie Trevelyan

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire Chancellor George Osborne
Chancellor George Osborne

Chancellor George Osborne is in the North East today in a last-minute push for votes before election day.


The Conservatives are battling to win Berwick from the Liberal Democrats on Thursday.


And the senior minister is in the town to back the party’s candidate, Anne-Marie Trevelyan.


Osborne is at Baileys Cafe in Alnwick meeting some local small business owners.


He will also visit Stockton later today as part of a whirlwind tour of the country.

Kathryn Riddell
Chancellor visits North East

Chancellor George Osbourne is in the North East today, visiting Alnwick and showing his support for Berwick parliamentary candidate Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

Mr Osborne is expected to arrive at 11.55am, before heading to Stockton later.

Kathryn Riddell
Waiting for Chancellor's arrival

Regional affairs reporter Rachel Wearmouth is at Bailey's cafe in Alnwick where George Osborne is expected to arrive.

Kathryn Riddell
Media at the cafe

Here's a video from the scene as the press wait for Mr Osborne's arrival.


Kathryn Riddell
First on the menu

Osborne will have a bite to eat before he gets started.

Kathryn Riddell
Cake selection

The selection of cakes at Baileys Cafe- which will George Osborne go for?


Kathryn Riddell
Now arrived

Osborne has now arrived at the cafe and has started talking to local business leaders.

Kathryn Riddell
Relaxing with a cuppa

George Osborne has been enjoying a cup of tea with Berwick's Conservative parliamentary candidate Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

Simon Greener George Osborne visit to Alnwick
George Osborne visit to Alnwick

Kathryn Riddell
Questions on business rates

Osborne is being told by ALnwick business leaders that they haven't had an MP who has represented their rural community.

He's now being asked about business rates.

Kathryn Riddell
Town is "growing"

The business leaders seem optimistic about the economic situation.

Kathryn Riddell
Osborne in Alnwick

Here's a short clip of Osborne in Baileys Cafe as he meets the business community.


Kathryn Riddell
Desserts ordered

The sandwich (and apparently the diet) plan was ditched.

Osborne ordered a raspberry/chocolate brownie cake and a Zucchini and lime cake.

Sounds pretty delicious.

Kathryn Riddell
Change of plans

George Osborne was originally meant to visit Berwick, but is thought to have decided to stay in Alnwick due to the bad weather.

Kathryn Riddell
Baileys Cafe

Here is the cafe where George Osborne met business leaders and Conservative parliamentary candidate Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

Google Maps Baileys cafe, Alnwick
Baileys cafe, Alnwick

Kathryn Riddell
Northern Powerhouse plan

According to regional affairs reporter Rachel Wearmouth, Mr Osborne has offered the North a "100% guarantee" that Tories will not introduce regional pay.

He also says North East arts are important to "Northern powerhouse" plan.

Kathryn Riddell
Chancellor leaves

George Osborne has now left Alnwick.

He is now thought to be heading to Stockton on his whistle-stop tour.

More on the Chancellor's visit will follow on the website shortly.


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