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Jane Clare: Resolve blown out of the water by a chilled Italian white wine

Italian white wines aren't exactly packed with oomph, but if you want an uncomplicated light tipple then look no further

Jane Clare
Jane Clare

I may not be a marine biologist, but this I can tell you. I have the backbone of a jellyfish.

I go wobbly at the sight of a wine label at the end of a working day.

It's happened to me twice this week. Resolutions and self-improvement projects blown out of the water by the thought of a relaxing, glass of chilled white wine.

Surprisingly for me, this week both of my choices were Italian. Now Italian white wines aren't exactly packed with oomph.

But if you want uncomplicated light whites, then look no further.

My first weekday choice was Tesco's Finest Gavi 2012 (£7.99, though reduced to £6.99 until tomorrow, abv 12.5%). It  is made from the cortese grape in the DOCG area of Gavi near Asti in north west Italy.

It has pear and lemon drop “paper bag sweets” on the nose and the same to taste, with a refreshing mouthwatering lift. There's also a light citrussy finish with a hint of creaminess.

I baked a small piece of salmon with a lemon and a splash of gavi too. Melting mouthfuls, perfect together.

Then, pinot grigio. I'm  hanging my head sheepishly  as I admit I bought a bottle of the ubiquitious white which I normally avoid at all costs.

It's what Wednesdays and long train journeys do to you.

Pinot Grigio 2012 Alto Mincio  Podere La Prendina Estat e (M&S £10.99, abv 12.5%) was a grab-and-go impulse buy to drink with hasty stir-fried prawns.

The wine had more character on the nose than most pinot grigio I'd had before, with pears, apples and stone fruit. A spritz of acidity with the fruit aromas all reflected in the taste. There was some butter – perhaps faint hints of honey.

If you like pinot grigio, then you like pinot grigio and best of luck to you. I can take it or leave it, but I didn't leave this.

Also in my glass this week … sitting in the weekend sunshine, a couple of rosés. Back to Tesco, and Simply Garnacha Rosé (£4.59, abv 13%) is a lovely thing. Great value for money at less than a fiver, it  comes from old, low-yielding vines in Spain where the grapes ripen slowly, delivering strawberry and spice flavours full of moreish character.  Blink, and the glass is gone.

Barefoot Pink Moscato (RRP £6.99, abv 9%) is a sweetie blend of Californian moscato with white grenache and has a floral nose with strawberries and red fruits to taste. On the tongue, it tickles and trembles with a very light fizz. One for the girls, to giggle, gossip and swirl.

Finally, Twitter tells me it is World Gin day today.

I know little more than that, except there's a hashtag #worldginday if you want to find out more.

I love gin – though I'm not too sure about the “peelings of carrot with coriander” infusion Bombay Sapphire is suggesting on its Facebook page.

A couple of slices of cucumber and ice for me, thank you very much.

Not forgetting the gin.


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