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The restaurant at Jesmond Dene House, Newcastle

Secret Diner Review: Jesmond Dene House Hotel, Newcastle

The North East's most candid food critic takes on a gastronoic marathon at Jesmond Dene House Hotel

Michel Roux Junior, Michel Roux Senior and Alain Roux

Michel Roux: 'When a chef leaves our kitchen, they never leave us'

As the latest Roux Scholarship is awarded, Michel Roux chats to Keeley Bolger about the contest and shares some tasty recipes for you to try at home

Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell: Ace wines to win you over during Wimbledon

Rosé comes in many styles – from sweet  and sometimes sickly to ultra-dry – but a good quality rosé should be bursting with fruit flavours

Cafe 21, Trinity Gardens, Newcastle

Secret Diner Review: Cafe 21, Trinity Gardens, Newcastle

This week the Secret Diner visits Terry Laybourne's Cafe 21 in Newcastle for the first time in almost two years

Jane Clare

Jane Clare: Resolve blown out of the water by a chilled Italian white wine

Italian white wines aren't exactly packed with oomph, but if you want an uncomplicated light tipple then look no further

Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell: Oddbins, the high street phoenix rises from the ashes

After the wine empire crashed down in 2011, the reincarnated Oddbins had a limited selection and was overpriced, but after two years all that has changed

Marlish water bubbles close to the surface of the Wansbeck

Farmer whose livelihood devasted is tapping natural resources

With perfect timing, as the car turns down the drive to West Marlish Farm, the first spots of rain start spattering on the windscreen

Celery and Blue Cheese soup is fresher and lighter than the usual winter warmer

Get souped up for the summer

Have a hot summer with a celery and blue cheese soup

Graeme Oswald, publican of Oddfellows pub in North Shields

Festival’s focusing on the best of the region’s beers

Get ready for the month-long ‘Best of the North East’  festival where you’d be hard pressed to say the beer list was anything but exciting

Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell: Revel in some of Germany's most remarkable rieslings

Arguably the best value wine on the market, whether you like your Riesling dry or in a sweeter style, what's almost guaranteed is a bottle full of flavour

Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell: We may never be Grape Britain, but the UK does produce some excellent tipples

Britain's climate is ill-suited to grow many of the world's great wine-making grapes - but that hasn't stopped us excelling in sparkling wine

Jane Clare

Jane Clare: Mix and match to uncover a surprisingly refreshing summer drink

Our intrepid wine connoisseur stumbled upon a new way to enjoy her favourite tipple - when she should have been planting the petunias...

Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell: The hidden flavours waiting to be discovered when you pop the cork

In the plethora of possible aromas and tastes listed at a wine course some time ago were, black olive, tar, wet wool and tinned vegetables...

Cooking up county fare with Taste of the County chefs

THE Journal Taste of the County will again serve up a fabulous feast on Bank Holiday Monday.

Jane Clare

Jane Clare: Put some fizz in your weekend, whatever the weather

No better excuse is needed to enjoy your favourite vintage than a bank holiday weekend - and the start of  National Barbecue Week

Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell: Why we are becoming a nation of website wine buyers

The internet accounts for over 6% of UK wine sales – more than five times the worldwide average - a figure that looks set to double in the next five years

Audrey Grieve, founder of Boulevard Creative Cuisine

An idea worth its salt sees career change for Audrey Grieve

WOMEN’S handbags generally contain a peculiar mixture of the indispensable and the inexplicable.

The Stand Bistro, 31 High Bridge, Newcastle

Secret Diner Review: The Stand Bistro, 31 High Bridge, Newcastle

Finding a top quality bistro is no laughing matter for the Secret Diner. Find out if the food at The Stand put a smile on his face

Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell: New world and old vines combine for some fabulous wines

Chile has massively raised its game over the last decade through progressive, quality-conscious producers

Bill and Helen Logan of the Northumberland Tea Company

Northumberland couple in new tea venture with Jack Charlton

THE face staring out of the photograph is unmistakable, whether you’re a football lover or not.

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The Journal Culture Awards 2007 at the Northern Stage 31 March 2008 - Hairspray medley by Newcastle College

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