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Review: Sharks Took the Rest, Live Theatre, Newcastle.

UNUSUALLY for me, I didn’t make any notes at this gig.

UNUSUALLY for me, I didn’t make any notes at this gig. The reasons for this were two fold.

I left my trusty review moleskin and associated biro on the back of a toilet cistern in a Quayside bar where we enjoyed a pre-gig tipple on Saturday night. Still, it’s not like I’ve never done that before… my so-fancy-I-don’t-understand-it phone has served as a suitable substitute in the past.

But it wouldn’t have mattered if I’d had an on-site secretary by my side at Live Theatre because I was genuinely transfixed throughout Sharks Took The Rest’s debut headlining gig.

Since hearing them play for the first time in public at The Journal Culture Awards back in March (figurative pat on the back for us here) I’ve been gagging to hear more from the seven-piece outfit, led by Beccy Owen. So much so, in fact, that by the time I sat down on the Live balcony, I was worried I’d built the Newcastle-bred band up a tad too much.

Apparently not. From the opening Too Late For Logic through the memorable Go For Blood and Abstinence and all the way to the beautiful encore Isobel, there was a widespread feeling we were witnessing the start of something special.

Beccy’s voice has always been a pure delight, but there’s something about this ensemble which offers more than she – and her oh-so-talented bandmates – have offered before. They are definitely more than the sum of its Sharks. I predict things will go swimmingly from here on in.

As we left the building, I heard someone describe the Sharks experience as "sublime bliss". I’m not even going to try to better it.


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