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Life's no soap opera for this dynamic duo

James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli bring their One+One tour to Shindig tomorrow.

James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli bring their One+One tour to Shindig tomorrow. The DJs told Simon Armstrong about life on the road and passing the time with an unlikely love of soap operas

"Everyone laughs when I tell them I like EastEnders, but I know they all watch it," James chuckles.

"Nic pretends he's not into it, but when we were on tour in Australia recently I was downloading episodes on to my laptop and he was desperate to watch them with me. He knows all the characters now and what they've been up to. He's hooked."

The idea for their partnership came about two years ago after the pair first played a handful of dates together in Asia. Deciding that touring the globe would be more fun with a pal in tow, they developed the One+One premise.

Currently promoting their new-mix CD of the same name, they arrive in Newcastle this weekend for a hotly-anticipated set at Shindig before jetting off for a string of dates across the United States, Australia, Asia and then the Continent.

"You should see the tour bus," Nic says while taking a break from work in his home recording studio in Maidstone. "It's like something Max and Paddy would drive. I don't think you'd ever see a superstar DJ like Paul Oakenfold in one of these things! We don't mind. We think it's hilarious that we're going all over the place in it.

"Travelling is such a big part of what DJs do, but most of the time all I see of a city is the inside of a hotel room and the airport and as soon as I've played a gig I'm off somewhere else. We just thought this would be a good laugh for both of us, and it certainly has been."

The album went straight to the top of the dance charts following its release last month and has met with widespread critical acclaim. James, having just returned to Southampton from Austria where he indulged his passion for snowboarding, is pleased: "I went into W H Smith's the other day to pick up a few magazines to see what they were saying about the album, and it was all really good. I suppose I do take notice of reviews, but you've got to be able to take the good with the bad.

"It's been funny, because when people look at the tracklisting they see records they think I've definitely chosen and others they think Nic has picked but actually it's the other way round."

It seems the fledgling duo can currently do no wrong. Both now 27 - their birthdays are just two weeks apart - they have enjoyed meteoric rises to establish themselves as two of the most in-demand names in club culture.

"There's a kind of grey area in the middle where our styles meet," Nic explains. "I play techy house and James plays his breaks."

"Shindig is one of my favourite places to play," adds James. "I used to like the old club at Foundation, but I love Digital and the crowd's always great."

Shindig is at Digital tomorrow, Times Square, Newcastle. 10.30pm-3.30am. £10, £8 NUS.


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