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The Treatment rocking out on and en route to Newcastle O2 Academy

The Treatment have been schooled in rock by the biggest bands on the planet but have they learnt their lessons asks Simon Rushworth

The Treatment play Newcastle O2 Academy on Monday October 7
The Treatment play Newcastle O2 Academy on Monday October 7

Where The Treatment is concerned the time has finally come for pupil to become master. The Cambridgeshire quintet have successfully negotiated a three-year crash course in rock and roll survival but after graduating with honours at the Download festival earlier this year it’s time to go it alone.

“We’ve been really, really lucky with the tours that we’ve had since 2011,” said singer Matt Jones. “It’s massive for a band that’s just starting out to share a stage with the likes of Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy, Kiss, Motley Crue and Status Quo.

“That’s like a ‘Who’s Who’ of rock right there. We did 52 shows with Kiss and the Crue across America – that’s a lot of time with two massive rock bands. I suppose what it does is challenge you to be as good as that.

“We want The Treatment to reach that level one day and opening up for those bands drives us on to realise our goals. We want to have that massive backdrop, the huge stage show and the army of screaming fans. Who wouldn’t? So every time we play with a big band we soak it up and learn from the experience.”

This month The Treatment are the big band. Headlining a second UK tour of 2014 they will wrap up the evening’s entertainment once Australian upstarts Massive and Swansea’s finest Buffalo Summer have warmed up the crowd with old school riffs and singalong choruses.

“We’re so excited about going out on this headline tour,” added Jones. “We’ve already done one this year so it’s great to be back on the road. We just had such a great time doing the last tour and we’re not recording an album right now so we though we might as well get back out there.

“We’d rather be busy than doing nothing for the rest of the year! And we’re visiting some places that missed out last time – Newcastle being a case in point. It’s a chance to connect with some of the fans who couldn’t make it to some of the shows earlier in the year.”

The decision to bring Massive and Buffalo Summer along for the ride could prove to be the clincher. Booth bands are in demand and promise the kind of incendiary live performance coveted by Jones and his ambitious colleagues.

“The strength of the bill is something that excites us most about this tour,” he added. “We’ve heard great things about Massive and toured with the lads from Buffalo Summer a long time ago.

“We can’t wait to see what both bands are all about right now but from the fans’ point of view it’s a golden opportunity to see three of the best young rock bands around.

“There’s a lot of talk about rock being dead but from what I can see there are a lot of bands keeping the rock flag flying. There’s plenty of life in the old dog yet! That whole argument that rock is dead is rubbish.”

That argument was started, unsurprisingly, by Gene Simmons. The most outspoken member of Kiss doesn’t shy away from controversy and yet his latest claim shocked Jones.

“Some of what Gene Simmons says is right,” he added. “It’s hard for young bands these days. People just aren’t buying records anymore. But I don’t think rock is dead.

“So many bands are playing rock music right now and they’re doing it because they love it – not because they’re selling millions of records. To me that say rock is alive and well. Gene should check out this tour. Maybe it would change his mind!”


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