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Review: Katy Perry, Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

Katy Perry brought her Prismatic World Tour to Tyneside at the weekend. Alexander Martin was one of thousands there to catch the show

Katy Perry performing at Metro Radio Arena
Katy Perry performing at Metro Radio Arena

Dancing cats, golden horses and neon skipping ropes could only mean one thing – Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour was in town.

Her signature extravagance was in full swing as she arrived on stage flanked by neon-clad warriors with tridents.

Perry was herself in a neon dress that she wore throughout her big cat anthem, Roar and Part of Me, as millions of tiny red and green laser sticks marked out the thousands who had turned out to see their favourite pop princess.

The set took the form of a prism cage raised from the stage spinning as three dancers performed acrobatics in cirque style.

Perry then changed for the first of her many costume changes, while the crowd was taken through space to see the singer’s face aligned in the stars.

She re-emerged as a Cleopatra on an animatronic golden horse as her dancers romped round the stage to Dark Horse, as a giant image of Kanye West’s face as the coolest of Pharaohs appeared behind her.


The colourful theatrics transferred from one spectacular scene to another, each one welcomed with ecstatic cheers from the crowd – many of whom will have been well past their bedtime.

The third theme change came courtesy of a rather surreal experience, with a video of cartoon cats.

This was followed by a jazzed-up rendition of International Smile, complete with tap dancing cats, before Perry herself emerged in a hot-pink leopard print cat-suit. She does like her cats.

Just as we thought the visual extravaganza couldn’t go any further, she promptly changed into a dress of sparkling fish bones, in which she strutted down the catwalk to Madonna’s Vogue.

As far as vocals go, despite the on-stage frenzy, she shone during acoustic versions of The One that Got Away and Thinking of You.

But Katy knows it’s not just about the singing when you’re putting on a show of this size. When she brought a pint of beer onto the stage to share with a fan, the crowd egged her to “down it”... to which she replied: “I’m a lady!”

The set list contained all her pop hits including I Kissed a Girl and Hot n Cold as well as many from her new album, Prism.

Her sparkly smash hit Firework closed the show, with (perhaps predictably) a spectacular fireworks display, which truly sent us home with a bang.

Perry’s showmanship and humour was obvious, and while the sets and production were breathtaking, her performance was not overshadowed.


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