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An Ofally Good Adventure awaits adventurous diners at EAT!

A side dish to the Body Worlds Vital exhibit, the cultural, historial and scientific significance of eating ofal will be explored at Life

Sanguinaccio Dolce
Sanguinaccio Dolce

Diners are being invited to head off on An Offally Good Adventure on August 9 as the Life Science Centre joins forces with the Eat Out! Festival NewcastleGateshead.

Designed to complement the Body Worlds Vital exhibition showing at the Newcastle venue until November 2, An Offally Good Adventure will explore the cultural, historical and scientific significance of eating these much maligned culinary ingredients.

A gourmet meal served in Times Square and prepared by Life’s resident head chef, Colin Bowden, will form the centrepiece of this one-off gourmet Eat Out! event.

Diners can expect a menu crammed with offally good delicacies including a modern twist on an Italian pudding made from pork blood and chocolate, Sanguinaccio Dolce, which has its origins in the traditional pig festivals of southern Italy. A few special surprises will also be in store for those with an especially daring palate.

Life’s head of education and regular contributor to EAT! events, Noel Jackson, has prepared a podcast discussing the elements of each course which will be used to lead diners through the event.

He says: “Offal can be termed loosely as the various foods that come from the entrails, blood and organs of butchered animals – as opposed to the meat, or flesh.

“Attitudes towards offal vary greatly by culture and country. Some communities treat offal as a highly desirable luxury whilst others avoid it with contempt.

“In Britain, although we continue to enjoy black pudding, kidneys and haggis, offal is far less commonplace than it was during the years of food rationing. Attitudes have become increasingly sceptical and many butchers will now discard edible offal because of its maligned status in society.”

An Offally Good Adventure will give the public the chance to get to the heart of the issue and decide for themselves by talking about and sampling various unusual types of offal.

Tickets cost £39.50 and include an arrival drink, four courses of food, an accompanying glass of wine and entrance to Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds Vital exhibition.

Pre-booking is essential and it is suitable for those aged over 18. For more details and bookings go to eatnewcastlegateshead.com


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