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Detox cocktails on the menu at Tyneside bar Tiger Hornsby

Mixologists at quayside bar Tiger Hornsby have come up with a range of healthy mocktails such as Kale Mary and Bounty Martini

Richard Kenworthy Tiger Hornsby
Tiger Hornsby

Tyneside cocktail bar Tiger Hornsby is helping health conscious customers stick to their New Year resolution to lose weight – and still enjoy a night out.

Mixologists at the Quayside bar in Newcastle have created a range of ‘detox’ cocktails containing fewer calories than traditional tipples and packed with healthier ingredients.

The 12 new drinks contain high nutrient fruits such as red grapes, watermelon and pink grapefruit, stevia – a natural, calorie-free sweetener – mineral rich coconut water, blueberries and acai berries.

Many of the new detox drinks, such as Kale Mary and Acai Berry Cosmopolitan, are variations on traditional cocktails.

Based on a Bloody Mary, the vitamin and mineral-rich Kale Mary replaces tomato juice with that of eight different vegetables. The Cosmopolitan, meanwhile, swaps traditional cranberry juice with that of acai berries, which are believed to boost energy levels.

Alternatively, the Bounty Martini offers the sweetness of chocolate and coconut but with stevia syrup, instead of sugar, and coconut water for potassium, bio-active enzymes and B-complex vitamins.

The Tiger Hornsby team has also used superfoods as the inspiration for a new range of non-alcoholic cocktails – or mocktails – for drivers and those taking up the Dry January challenge of abstaining from alcohol.

The mocktails include the fruit-filled Walk in the Tropics containing banana, strawberry, pineapple, orange and lime, with coconut milk and grenadine. The Watermelon Baller is fresh watermelon shaken with strawberry, mint, lime and apple juice.

Owner Rachael Frame says: “It can be hard enough to stick to a diet or healthy eating regime at the best of times, but nights out can be a minefield as so many drinks are laden with sugar and calories.

“Our detox cocktails offer a great alternative to high calorie drinks such as red wine and lager.”

The new cocktails cost between £6 and £8 while the mocktails are £4.


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