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Alnwick-based company offers a green tea detox

If you have over-indulged during the festive period, a new collection of green teas could be just the job

A green tea gift set from Bari Tea
A green tea gift set from Bari Tea

Bari is seeing in the New Year with a new collection of detoxifying green teas.

The Glorious Greens box is a carefully assembled collection of green teas and includes organic Sencha Fuji, Ginger Green and Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose, the latter a nod to the nearby Rose Garden and Cherry Orchard at The Alnwick Garden.

The owner of the Alnwick-based Bari Tea Brewery, Caroline Stewart, says: “Green teas are generally unoxidised or have undergone just a small amount of oxidisation.

“Being high in antioxidants and often containing ingredients like ginger, green teas have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and are generally believed to be good for you.

“New Year is one of our busiest times of year for selling our green teas as people embark on their annual January detox.

“This box is a celebration of some fine green teas and is an ideal introduction to this class of tea.

“In this country much of the tea we buy is black so this is a great way of finding out a bit more about this group of teas.

“We currently stock seven different types of green tea and our Glorious Greens collection contains three of our most popular.”

The Glorious Greens box (£14) is loose leaf tea. It also comes with a free pack of faff-free North American tea filters, which mean you can have the quality of loose leaf tea with convenience, a bit like creating your own tea bags.

Bari (which means ‘lovely’ in Northumberland) offers a range of other exotic brews like Gyokuro, Peacock or the hand-rolled Jasmine Dragon Tears, which are small pearls of delicate buds and leaves that unfurl into flowers when infusing in hot water.

For more information and to order online visit www.baritea.co.uk


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