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Brandling Villa tapping into new taste from Ilkley Brewery

Newcastle ale fans will soon be able to try out the multi-award-winning work of the Ilkley brewery as Mark Summers discovers

Ilkley Brewery's Chris, Richard and Luke
Ilkley Brewery's Chris, Richard and Luke

The Brandling Villa on Hadrick’s Mill Road in South Gosforth will be hosting a ‘Tap Takeover’ from November 14-17 showcasing 12 beers from the North Yorkshire brewery.

The hope is that the effort will help further boost the profile of the brewery and ale drinking as a whole in the area.

Dave Carr, 32, the landlord of the Brandling Villa, says that he is looking forward to the event.

He said: “I think part of the role of a local boozer is to show its regulars and visitors what beer is good and upcoming.

“There is a real danger that people always drink the same beer and that pubs just give them what they want.

“We really want people to try something new and realise what flavours and aromas different ales have to offer.”

To help regulars appreciate the different beers the pub will be offering drinks in glasses that hold only a third of a pint.

Mr Carr said: “People will get to try a lot more of the ales and find out what they really like from our selection.

Ilkley Brewery's Mary Jane beer
Ilkley Brewery's Mary Jane beer

“There will be so many different flavours on offer that everyone will like something, whether they’re into pale ales, dark stouts or drinks with fruity aromas.”

The Ilkley brewery uses traditional brewing methods to create a core range but also creates original beers using unlikely mixtures of ingredients.

Richard Shelton, 41, sales director at the brewery, said: “We are really keen explore and push boundaries with our recipes.

“Our beers use ingredients like spruce and pine needles to really bring out the flavours alongside the more traditional hops, yeast and barley.

“We are really keen to support high quality real ale pubs like the Brandling Villa and hope that with their support we can get more people in the North East keen on ale.”

With such a diverse range to offer there will certainly be rich pickings in November.

Alongside their standard casks, Ilkley will be showcasing several of their original recipes.

Two of these in particular should be tried out.

One is Holy Cow, a remarkable cranberry milk stout which recently won an award from SIBA.

Another unusual beer of note is The Mayan, a chocolate chipotle stout that the brewers claim is inspired by an ancient South American recipe


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