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Review: Moneyball

IN THE sporting arena, money doesn’t just talk, it chatters incessantly.

IN THE sporting arena, money doesn’t just talk, it chatters incessantly.

Success is measured by financial worth. The best teams get rich by feeding off smaller rivals until it becomes almost impossible to bridge the divide. This was the situation facing Billy Beane, general manager of Oakland Athletics, in 2001 when his team lost the final game of the season to the mighty New York Yankees.

He watched helplessly as bigger teams pilfered three of his star players, painfully aware he couldn’t compete with the big boys, he defied conventional wisdom and challenged the fundamental tenets of the game.

This is an inspirational drama that celebrates Beane’s tenacity in the face of stinging criticism.

The film opens at the end of the 2001 season with Oakland suffering that bruising loss.

With no more funds, Billy (Brad Pitt) searches for a solution and crosses paths with Yale-educated economist Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) who believes in analysing data to make crucial decisions.

Together they compile a list of the most undervalued players in the league and bring together this band of misfits and rejects as the new face of the squad.

The season begins with a series of crushing defeats, until the tide turns and miraculously “the A’s” embark on the longest winning streak in the sport’s history.


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