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Review: Spot’s Birthday Party, Theatre Royal, Newcastle

Review: Spot’s Birthday Party, Theatre Royal, Newcastle

Now I’m not normally one to huff, but I have to admit to being put out when my big brother got taken to the theatre at the weekend to see a circus.

Sensing all was not right in the toddling world, Mum thought she’d try and make amends – and I was invited to Spot’s Birthday Party in the very same theatre.

Staple toddler book Where’s Spot? is one of my absolute faves, while a DVD depicting the adventures of everyone’s favourite little yellow pup is never far from my thoughts.

Spot appeared along with his animal friends Steve the monkey, Helen the hippo, Tom the crocodile and a little mouse who served as a squeaking signpost throughout.

All were ready to sing, dance and party their little patoot’s off.

Birthday presents presented themselves in the form of musical instruments, while a round of pass the parcel resulted in a fairystory book and an acted-out telling of the classic Cinderella.

There was also a game of musical statues, a birthday cake and candles and I’m assuming a window box of beautiful sunflowers, although I can’t be 100% sure they ever made an appearance as I bowed out a few minutes before the finale.

I felt I’d already had more than enough excitement from my first theatre experience – and couldn’t have been further from a huff.


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