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Culture Magazine - December/January

This double issue of Culture Magazine sees us cast a reflective eye over 2014 and look ahead with optimism to 2015


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First of all, happy 10th birthday to Sage Gateshead whose fabulous profile graces our end-of-year cover. The landmark building opened on December 17, 2004, changing the region’s musical landscape – and Tyneside’s actual landscape – for good.

Inside we look at what’s in store to mark this significant anniversary and list some of the contributions made by the building, once termed the regional music centre, over the decade of its existence.

This being a double issue, we cast a reflective eye over 2014 and look ahead with blazing optimism to 2015.

You’ve got to look on the bright side, even if austerity continues to bite for some cultural organisations and their audiences.

Creative people, by definition, are inventive. That’s one reason you will find so much cheery stuff in this end-of-year/beginning-of-year issue.

You will see a report of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, one of the most extraordinary theatre shows of recent times and coming to a Theatre Royal which is finding ways to be popular and still artistically challenging.

Our other theatres, too, are preparing to serve up enticing fare. Live Theatre’s new political tragi-comedy, What Falls Apart, promises some hilarity alongside the general election, and Northern Stage’s Cyrano de Bergerac positively throbs with ambition. All this, of course, after the jolly seasonal shows which feature in our special guide.

Speaking of creativity, our designer Sean Collins offers his own personal take on the recent Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

And while we’re on anniversaries, this is a landmark month for Culture, too.

The first issue of the magazine, following Sage Gateshead’s opening, was dated February, 2005. With this issue we complete a 10-year cycle – and wish you all festive cheer!


David Whetstone
Culture Editor
Graeme Whitfield
Business Editor
Mark Douglas
Newcastle United Editor
Stuart Rayner
Sports Writer