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Jesterval brings back the funny to Tyneside

Jesterval returns to Baltic Square this week Sam Wonfor asked some of the bill’s top-drawer talent to answer the same five questions

Marcus Brigstocke
Marcus Brigstocke


“I’d have to say Sean Lock on stage and Nick Hancock in the pub.” Andy Smart, Improv All Stars

“It has to be Ross Noble, I just love how quick witted and random he can be. He’s been a huge inspiration to me in my comedy career so far.” Lost Voice Guy

“Too many to name really – Billy Connolly has always been my hero but there are so many great comics around I’m spoilt for choice. I’ll say Chris Ramsey because he’s not only my best mate but also he makes me howl with laughter, both offstage and on.” Jason Cook

“Gun held to head it would be Andy Kaufman/Steve Martin.” Terry Alderton


“Pretty much any of Gary Delaney’s. I’m a huge sucker for one-liners and Gary is up there with the best for me.” Andy Fury

“‘I was thinking of voting UKIP’ – it’s silly, I know, but it’s such an absurd idea it cracks me up. Imagine doing something so unsalvageably stupid.” Marcus Brigstocke

“It’s too rude to tell here.” Dave Johns

“A political party canvasser knocks on the door of a house in his constituency one evening. The door is opened by a young lad of seven or eight, wearing a red silk smoking jacket, with a large Havana cigar in one hand and a half-full brandy snifter in the other. The man says: ‘Is your mum or dad in?’ And the little boy says: ‘Does it ****ing look like it?’” Andy Smart

Stewart Francis
Stewart Francis


“My mum’s from Iran and me dad’s from Ireland. You’ve probably guessed that we spent most of our family holidays in Customs!” Patrick Monahan

“Hopefully the ones I’ll be doing at this year’s festival! (They are) (Well, they had better be) (No, we’ll be fine).” Jason Cook

“Most people seem to enjoy my special forces joke the best but personally I like the one where the doctor calls me physically challenged, which I always thought was a game on The Crystal Maze.” Lost Voice Guy

“The first rule of Laryngitis Club is...” Dave Johns

“I took my millionth ever breath today. Just pleased I can finally stop counting (It isn’t really, but I can’t go giving away the gold).” Lee Kyle


“Crossing the Millennium Bridge that connects the two.” Patrick Monahan

“I grew up there, so you could pick anything from being on the Quayside at New Year’s to watching one of the drunks at the Monument arguing with a pigeon, to filming Hebburn to getting a fresh, untouched, straight out of the oven sausage roll at Greggs on a cold winter morning. Heaven.” Jason Cook

“Without a doubt playing to a full stadium in Sky One’s The Match back in 2004.” Terry Alderton

“Eating crab at the Neptune Chinese . . . and doing an insane impro show at last year’s Jesterval.” Marcus Brigstocke

“I used to work in Gates­­head, quitting that job was good.” Lee Kyle


“I was cycling the other day and saw an opportunity to look at my moving reflection in a window. Let’s just say that’s a bad idea if you’re past the age of 35. I looked less Lance Armstrong, more escaping circus bear.” Glenn Wool

“About a week ago. Without going into too much detail, it involves a screen wallpaper and a pornographic image on my mate Johnny’s computer. Not happy!” Terry Alderton

“Watching Blazing Saddles again with Phill Jupitus and Richard Sandling in my caravan on the Isle of White last year. Also, my daughter did a particularly well-timed fart last week, but I may have cried because my eyes were watering.” Marcus Brigstocke

“When I tried to explain to my daughter that daddy makes people laugh for a living. Her confusion that it is my ‘job’ made me helpless with laughter. Although maybe she was slagging off my act?” Jason Cook

“When we put David Cameron in charge of the country.” Lost Voice Guy

“Having thought for 20 minutes, there is no answer I could give you that would not make me look like a terrible person.” Lee Kyle

“In Singapore comedy festival, watching my English friend, who has limited social skills, try to ask about tourist attractions from a local woman working in a nail salon.” Luisa Omielan


“Tony Law. He’s a comedy god!” Andy Smart

“If I wasn’t in our show, I wouldn’t mind catching that Marcus Brigstocke. He’s a funny man. Well worth catching.” Steve Steen

“Really excited to see Patrick Monahan, he is just wonderful to watch and be in a show with.” Luisa Omielan

“Go see everything you can. So many funny people in one tent it shouldn’t be allowed.” Dave Johns

“Tony Law, without doubt. The man is a comedy genius and very underrated outside of the comedy scene. I’d recommend that everyone goes to see him. Tom Binns is a very funny man too.” Lost Voice Guy

“Zoe Lyons is absolutely hilarious at the moment. Also, the Lumberjacks – Wool, Campbell & Francis – are all brilliant.” Marcus Brigstocke

“Gavin Webster. He inspired me to get into comedy and I’m still star-struck every time I see him, even though we play football together most Monday nights.” Andy Fury

Jesterval runs from June 6 to 14 and features a line-up of more than 30 comics and comedy acts, which does more than most to include something for everyone.

Basically, if you can’t find anything to laugh at here, you may need to go and see about it. Jason Manford heads the cast and is joined by a diverse bill of laughter-makers including Tony Law, Gavin Webster, Abnormally Funny People, Zoe Lyons, Impro Comedy All Stars, Jason Cook, Marcus Brigstocke, Luisa Omielan, George Zach, Dave Johns, Sara Pascoe and Tom Binns as Ian D Montford: Spirit Medium.

For full details and booking information, visit www.jesterval.co.uk


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