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Final Say: Lee Evans talks to The Journal ahead of his Metro Radio Arena gig

One of the UK's most successful comics is back on Tyneside for a three-night stay at the Metro Radio Arena in November

Lee Evans
Lee Evans

Lee Evans, comedian and actor, 50

  • I have an innate interest in people. When someone tells me something, I want to keep asking them questions about it.

  • I love getting in front of a crowd.

  • Have you ever been on a night out with a very good mate and found that you’re on precisely the same wavelength? The other night on stage, I had exactly that feeling.

  • I was laughing and the audience were laughing too. We’d found common ground, and that was brilliant. I said to them, ‘We all rode a wave together there. That’s what this evening’s about.’ That got a round of applause’. I love that connection.

  • People know what I do. They say to themselves, ‘We’ll go and see Lee live because we understand him’. That’s a great feeling.

  • I feel I’m running out of time. I find I don’t have enough time to do things these days.

  • I can’t wait to perform in arenas again. When I was starting out, people said that arenas were too big.

  • But I think you can still have a great night in an arena. It’s a real event. It’s a night out. It’s the whole thing.

  • It’s not just about the comedy – it’s about the music, the lighting, and the set design. All of those things can make you feel a certain way. I want to reach the very back of the arena with this show – that’s what it’s about. It’s about doing a big, sod-off gig that touches everyone in the venue.

  • I do love talking to people, and they always seem to want to chat to me.

  • Whenever I meet my mates in the pub, they’re always hacked off about something. They say to me, ‘I’ve just had someone round to unblock my drains – it’s been a nightmare.’ And I think, ‘Tell me more – this is potential comedy gold’.

Lee Evans
Lee Evans

  • The other day a neighbour was telling me he had been sleeping really well. He had bought a new gadget for the bedroom that makes water sounds to help you go to sleep. But a few days later, he told me he was fed up because he had to keep getting up in the night to have a pee.

  • As I get older, I’m getting angrier because I think things are wasting my time. ‘I haven’t got time to wait for this bus or that plane or that delivery from Parcel Force or queue in the supermarket’.

  • The older you are, the more things get on your nerves.

  • Noise pollution, people chatting too loudly on planes, annoying people on TV shows – ‘What on earth is that idiot doing on my telly? I don’t know who they are, and they’re appearing on celebrity TV shows!’

  • What’s the point of plastic surgery? It makes you look like an alien!

  • When fans come to your gig, you can’t give them a half-arsed show. I can’t be doing with that. When they pay 30 pounds, which is the price of a round of drinks, I want them to have a real laugh.

  • They keep saying that I should put up the prices. But I know the audience work their backsides off all week to pay for the tickets, and I don’t want to charge too much for them.

  • I strive to create a show where the audience is hurting from laughing so much. I don’t particularly care for comedy where the audiences clap politely at the end and say, ‘That was all right’.

  • I aim to put on a show where people say, ‘I really, really enjoyed that. For three hours, I forgot about all the rubbish going on in the rest of my life.’ I want them to come out afterwards saying, ‘Wow!’

Lee Evans: Mosters comes to the Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle from November 6-8. For tickets, call 0844 493 6666 or visit www.metroradioarena.co.uk


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