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Comedian Sarah Millican reveals her Desert Island Disc choices on legendary BBC Radio 4 programme

Songs from Wham, Simon and Garfunkel and John Williams' theme to Superman were among the musical choices from the South Shields born comic

Sarah Millican
Sarah Millican

Comedian Sarah Millican has joined the ranks of the Desert Island Discs club on BBC Radio Four.

The popular South Shields comic shared her tuneful choices with presenter Kirsty Young on the legendary radio programme, which asks guests to select eight discs they would take with them, should they be castaway onto a Desert Island.

Broadcast on Sunday, the 39-year-old put together an eclectic selection from Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and Simon and Garfunkel’s Homeward Bound to Snow Patrol’s Chocolate and the theme music from Superman, composed by John Williams.

She also chose The Frog Chorus by Paul McCartney and revealed it as the song she and her husband, fellow comic Gary Delaney, had walked out to after their wedding earlier this year.

She told Kirsty: “We were planning our wedding and thinking what could we pick that everybody would sing.

“He started to play this, and I started to laugh. He said ‘listen to the lyrics’ and I started to cry.

“So we played this at our wedding and the whole congregation sang - including all of the noises. We made sure all the noises were in the order of service as well,” she laughed.

“That what is what marriage is to me, No matter what happens, we’ll still be here, side by side.”

Throughout the 45-minute programme Sarah, who has become a household name having spent the past decade building up a mulit-award-winning career in comedy - both on the stand up tour circuit and via three series of her own BBC2 TV show - also revisited her childhood during the Miners’ Strike, remembering she got a lot of cuddles from the dinner ladies and received Christmas presents from the families of French miners.

“It was very clear where they’d come from. Some people in another country had helped us out. At nine, that is quite an astonishing thing to learn,” she said.

During the interview the comedian, who recently entertained the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the Royal Variety Performance, also talked about being bullied at school and not being very popular.

“I was quite studious. That doesn’t get you many friends. When I was 12 my maths teacher came to my birthday party. That tells you all you need to know,” she laughed.

She also discussed her rise to fame, which was borne out of the ashes of her first marriage. “I used to write as a way out of things. I used to make short films and put short plays on. But for two years when I was married I didn’t write. I didn’t have the urge. And then it came back hell for leather when I got divorced.”

And the rest, as they say is comedy history.

Sarah Millican on Desert Island Discs is available on BBC iPlayer here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04v2lv7

Sarah Millican's Desert Island Discs decisions

Disc 1: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham

This is the song Sarah plays when she is cleaning out the cat litter. It’s also the first single she bought, which may be why she wore a George Michael t-shirt for bed a lot when she was a youngster. “I think I wanted him to be close to my heart.”

Disc 2: Home for the Holidays by Perry Como

This song was the mechanism for undercutting arguments at home when Sarah was growing up with her sister and parents Valerie and Philip. “If there was an argument, somebody in the family would sing ‘Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays’ in a sarcastic way. Everyone would laugh and the tension would be gone.”

Disc 3: Happy by Pharrell Williams

This would be the song you’d find Sarah jigging along to on her desert island.

Disc 4: Thunderbird by Hans Zimmer from the film Thelma and Louise

This is from Sarah’s favourite film. “I’d never seen a film which featured two female protagonists before. It made me want to be a film director.”

Disc 5: Chocolate, by Snow Patrol

For Sarah, this song reminds her of breaking into the world of comedy where she felt like she could be herself for the first time. “It was terrifying, but also brilliant.”

Disc 6: The Frog Chorus, by Paul McCartney:

While looking for a song to be sung at their wedding, Sarah’s husband to be suggested this. And they walked out after getting married to a congregation singing it - including all the noises!

Disc 7: The theme from Superman, composed by John Williams

This is the track which gives Sarah confidence when she’s got something scary to do that day. “Anything when I just feel like I need a leg up. It makes me feel like I’m invincible.”

Disc 8: Homeward Bound, by Simon and Garfunkel

When she’s building a boat, Sarah said this will remind her of where she belongs and she is happiest.

Sarah’s book: A survival book by Bear Grylls. “Something that tells me how to build a boat and drink my wee. I’m determined to get off the island.

Sarah’s luxury: Notebooks and pens: “Writing would stop me going mad and then when I did get off, which I will, I’d already have a show written.”


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