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Juice Festival 2013: Young writers give guide to Juice

David Whetstone meets some young writers who have the task of providing readers of Culture magazine with a guide to the annual Juice Festival

Juice Festival finale parade on Newcastle's quayside
Juice Festival finale parade on Newcastle's quayside

An annual festival for children and young people proved to be an inspired idea. It is called Juice and this year’s will be the sixth.

It takes place over half term, October 25 to November 3, showcasing 35 projects which celebrate the creativity of the young.

Susan Wear, director of corporate affairs at festival sponsor Port of Tyne, says: “Juice is a unique event.

“It gives children and young people excellent opportunities to join in experiences that let them be creative and have fun and at the same time build their own skills, confidence and aspiration – so we are very pleased to be able to help support local communities and businesses in this way.

“There will be so much going on that we know it will also be a great opportunity for young people to get creative with their cameras and use the event to inspire them to enter the Port of Tyne Reflect photography and film awards which are now open online.”

In this month’s Culture magazine – free in The Journal today – there’s a guide to Juice written by some of the aspiring young writers brought together to report on the festival.

You can meet them all here...

:: Beth Allison, 19, from Gateshead, studying at Newcastle University

Ambitions: “To succeed at university, to travel, to finish writing and (hopefully) publish my novel.”

Favourite Band: Biffy Clyro – just as talented live as they are on record. A song for every mood.

Favourite Book: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. A beautifully written novel, heart-warming and heart-breaking.

Favourite North East cultural place: Durham Cathedral never fails to impress. A beautiful, peaceful and highly inspiring building.

:: Emily Park, 19, from Gateshead, studying at University of Sunderland

Ambitions: To work in the magazine industry, focusing on fashion.

Favourite Film: Any tragic love story gets me but A Walk To Remember is a heart-warming one.

Favourite comedian: Lee Evans. He puts absolutely everything into each show.

Favourite exhibition: Alive: In The Face of Death by photographer Rankin. I love anything that challenges our perceptions, especially those of such a taboo subject.

:: Ryan Watson, 22, from Ponteland, just graduated from University of Sunderland

Ambitions: To write lots of different things.

Favourite Film: The Way Way Back. It’s mostly funny but it explores some pretty serious issues. Sam Rockwell is brilliant in it.

Favourite Book: China Mieville’s The City & The City. It has a unique setting that’s pretty hard to explain. It’s also a really good murder mystery.

Favourite comedian: Tim Minchin. He writes songs that are both funny and catchy, and uses his comedy to get across some insightful opinions.

:: Angus Kirk, 16, from Morpeth, a pupil at the King Edward VI School

Ambitions: To become a journalist.

Favourite Band: The Rolling Stones – I love the huge variety of music they’ve made over the years.

Favourite Film: Sanctum. Although it was not critically acclaimed, it was moving and beautifully made.

Best Performance: Madness at the Newcastle O2 Academy. They put on a fantastic show.

:: Linzi Wyard, 20, from Bedlington, studying at University of Sunderland

Ambitions: To travel and write, then to work in journalism, media or events in the North East.

Favourite Band: One Direction (Sorry but I really do love them). Harry and Niall are my favourites.

Favourite comedian: Russell Brand is smart, funny and cares about helping young people and the world.

Favourite North East cultural place: I love shows so I’d have to choose Sunderland Empire theatre.

:: Natasha Steel, 20, from Sunderland, studying at University of Sunderland

Ambitions: I wanted to be an astronaut when I was younger which wasn’t very realistic. I guess just to be successful and happy.

Favourite Band: The Gaslight Anthem, Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy.

Favourite Film: I recently watched Mr Nobody for the first time. Really compelling and beautifully shot.

Favourite North East cultural place: Newcastle. There’s always something going on and the Christmas market always smells so good!

:: Sarah Gonnet, 19, studying at The Open University and Newcastle College

Ambitions: I’m passionate about writing and painting. I don’t do much else except look at other people’s writing and painting which I sometimes review.

Favourite Band: Joy Division. Basically, I love miserable vinyl.

Favourite Film: Sympathy for Lady Vengeance – the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Favourite Comedian: Spike Milligan. Nothing has ever beaten The Goon Show although Monty Python and The Mighty Boosh came close.

:: Chad Male, 21, from Heaton, studying at Northumbria University

Ambitions: To be paid for writing features for my favourite publications.

Favourite Band: Kings of Leon... ever since Aha Shake Heartbreak I’ve watched this band progress.

Favourite Film: Stand By Me reminds me so much of my own childhood with friends – minus the dead body, of course.

Favourite Book: Jack Kerouac’s On The Road. Read this backpacking in Australia. It opened my eyes to a lost generation of beatniks and poets whose only care was the road ahead.

:: Gemma Louise Hirst, 18, from Prudhoe, studying at Sunderland University

Ambitions: To be an arts journalist in London.

Favourite Band: Vinyl Jacket from Wylam, Northumberland. Their music is quirky and I’ve featured in two of their videos. So what’s not to like?

Favourite Book:  Denis O’Connor’s Paw Tracks In The Moonlight. Any cat owner should read this, it is simply heart warming.

Favourite exhibiion: Lindisfarne Gospels at Durham, it made me feel proud to be from the North East.

:: Alex Sikkink, 17, from Ashington, pupil at King Edward VI School, Morpeth

Ambitions: To work in theatre and TV.

Favourite Band: The Like. They’re a cheesy girly band but I’ve memorised most of the lyrics.

Favourite Film: Cloud Atlas for the fantastic acting and impressive adaptation of the most complicated plot-line anyone could have conjured up.

Best Performance: A play I saw called ‘Conversations not fit for an American dinner table’ about the media and gun laws in America. It had such a sense of purpose.

:: Holly Ann Elliott, 17, from Newcastle, pupil at Heaton Manor Sixth Form

Ambitions: Novelist, screenwriter or journalist.

Favourite Band: The Script. Their music is something I can sit and relax to on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Favourite Comedian: Morecambe and Wise. They don’t have to swear and curse to make you laugh.

Favourite North East cultural place: Baltic. The building itself is a great work of art and the view of the Millennium Bridge at night is great.


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