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Helping to spread a little happiness in Stockton

Theatre company Invisible Floc took over an empty shop in Stockton to create a happy show

Passers-by who have been helping to spread a little bit of happiness in Stockton High Street will soon get to witness their life become art.

Leeds-based theatre company Invisible Flock took over a vacant shop for most of October, inviting local people to call in during usual shop opening times and share a happy memory.

Now, since closing time on Friday, those memories are in the process of being collected to be turned into theatre for interactive show Bring The Happy which will open at Arc Stockton Arts Centre on Friday, reliving those highlights of life.

It’s all part of an ongoing project to map the happiness of the country.

The theatre company’s idea comes at the same time as a team from Loughborough University make their own attempt to gauge the nation’s mood through use of emotive software on Twitter in a bid to pre-empt civil unrest, but Invisible Flock has a more cheery aim.

The happy memories it has gathered in Stockton will be added to its 3D Map of Happiness, an ever-growing database of information about what makes people happy and including such cheery subjects as a first kiss, longed-for baby, childhood heroes, a proposal, a dance and a chance encounter.

When making a contribution, the locals were asked where it happened and how happy it made them feel on a scale from one to 10.

Those who took part are now entitled to a half-price ticket to the Bring The Happy Live show which will re-tell their stories in all their uplifting glory in a part-wedding and - for the more mundane or love-now-lost stories - part-wake style celebration.

It can be seen at Arc on Friday at 7pm, and Saturday at 8pm.

For tickets, £10 full price and £7 concessions, call 01642 525 199.

Alternatively, tickets can be bought at www.arconline.co.uk


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