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Review: The Worst Princess, touring until October 31

A charming new production, commissioned by the Durham Book Festival, will be coming to a venue near you in October

TOPHER MCGRILLIS The Worst Princess is going on tour
The Worst Princess is going on tour

When it comes to being a top princess, Princess Sue thinks she has it covered.

She has a certificate from Princess School which confirms her ability to drink tea and avoid burping after eating. She also has a multi-functional yo-yo, which isn’t a requirement, but seemed worth mentioning.

Now all she needs is a dashing prince to rescue her from her lonely tower... but when that prince (Prince Archibold of the moustache, princely pants and dragonphobic anonymous) does finally turn up, Sue realises the traditional fairytale ending may not be anywhere near what it’s cracked up to be.

Keith Pattison The Worst Princess
The Worst Princess

The Worst Princess is a theatrical adaptation of Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie’s acclaimed children’s book.

Commissioned by the Durham Book Festival, the charming production features terrific original live music, a magical picture book set and a castle-full of opportunities for the under sevens audience to join in... which they did at Newcastle Library yesterday, the latest stop on a North East tour.

A four-strong cast features Rachel Gay (Princess Sue), Jeremy Bradfield (Prince Archie), Joe Johnston (Brian the Squire) and Claire Tustin, who was terrific whether she was playing Brummie Frog or the eloquent Dragon in the grips of a similar identity crisis to the Princess.



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