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Juice puts the Jam into Art in Gateshead

A creative experience is on offer for young people who care to get themselves down to the CoMusica Arches for an Art Jam to remember

The Juice Festival encourages youngsters to get arty
The Juice Festival 2014 will once again encourage youngsters to get arty with Art Jam

Traditionally, half term offers youngsters a break from the humdrum reality of school and homework. And Juice’s popular Art Jam event has been thoroughly designed with this in mind.

On October 25, Co-Musica, which uses music and creativity to inspire young people, is running Art Jam: Fantasy and Fairytales, featuring a variety of artist-led workshops.

The Gov’ner, for example, will be leading the illusory creation of a new reality with a spray can, pencil or painted face, throughout the day.

Art Jam takes place at Co-Musica’s The Arches, behind the Sage Gateshead, a space designed to provide creative experiences for anyone, from those picking up their first brush to professional artists, hosting large-scale live art events, or ‘Jams’.

The event is made up of several workshops covering traditional and street art. Young people will be able to learn to spray-paint without needing to search for an empty wall in an alley as it starts to get dark, and established artists will pass on some of their skills in the art of creating pieces with a spray can.

The Juice Festival 2014 will once again encourage youngsters to get arty with Art Jam
The Juice Festival 2014 will once again encourage youngsters to get arty with Art Jam

Art Jam’s guest artists have all produced their own fantasy realms in their art, some of which will be on display.

The Gov’ner is a local graffiti artist who works on large production pieces, and has helped others develop the style in their work.

Guest artist Sune’s work will offer an example of expertise in the fantastical, with pieces depicting flying elephants and dancing zebras not featured on the Discovery Channel.

A mini canvas workshop will be run by JCB893 from the renowned GCM Crew, revealing how to produce graffiti-style work focused on tiny details to make up a bigger picture.

Meanwhile Art Jam’s special guest is Inkie, one of the biggest names in UK contemporary art, whose work transcends the boundaries between street and traditional art, graffiti and gallery work, at times verging on art deco. There is a class in graffiti with Inkie, who will help to paint over some of the stereotypical views of street art by showcasing the skills and tricks involved in its production.

For younger children, there will be the chance to transform into any creature, real or imaginary, with the aid of a little face paint.

Art Jam takes place at the CoMusica Arches behind Sage Gateshead on October 25. For full details of Juice, which runs from October 24 to November 2, visit www.juicefestival.co.uk


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