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Bestseller American author Jodi Picoult to appear at Tyneside Cinema event

Author Jodi Picoult and her daughter are to make their only UK appearance outside London at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastlte

Elena Seibert Jodi Picoult, left, and daughter Samantha Van Leer
Jodi Picoult, left, and daughter Samantha Van Leer

Bestselling American author Jodi Picoult will be at the Tyneside Cinema on Wednesday, June 3 with her daughter, Samantha Van Leer.

They have been addressing audiences in New York but this will be their only UK event outside London to promote their latest co-authored work of fiction.

It is called Off the Page and it is a follow-up to Between the Lines in which teenaged Delilah manages to bond with the hero of the book she’s reading, handsome Prince Oliver.

In Off the Page, the relationship is developed as Prince Oliver manages to swap places with a human boy in the real world so that he can join his true love.

This scenario, reminiscent of the films Enchanted and Once Upon a Time, is a far cry from the novels which made Picoult famous and sold in their millions around the world – titles such as Nineteen Minutes, about a school shooting, which the New Yorker came to the region to promote back in 2007.

This book proved controversial because a real-life school shooting took place not long after it came out, causing the author to protest that while her book raised important issues, it was only fiction.

She’s on more amenable territory with this latest family collaboration, a book aimed at young adult readers and billed as a “tender and appealing” romance and “a witty commentary about life”.

Picoult’s status as a novelist is assured. Her daughter, as well as co-authoring books, is studying psychology and human development at college back in the United States.

Seven Stories, which is staging events in various locations while its Ouseburn Valley centre is closed for refurbishment, tell us the co-authors have four dogs – Alvin, Harvey, Dudley and Oliver.

The prince in the two books is named after one of them.

But you’ll have to buy a book or a ticket to the 6pm event at the Tyneside Cinema (Classic screen) on Pilgrim Street to find out which. Buy online via www.sevenstories.org.uk


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