Thirsk Auction Mart

Forward 1834 head of stock comprising of 264 cattle, 1,114 sheep including 200 ewes and 66 pigs including 33 sows

Beef cattle
Beef cattle


July 10

Forward 1834 head of stock comprising of 264 cattle, including 133 young bulls and 24 cows & OTMs, 1114 sheep including 200 ewes and 66 pigs including 33 sows.

Clean Cattle: Small number with quality mixed and trade variable. Top price heifer 265.5 for Limousin X from JB Marwood & Son, Spennithorne purchased by J Penny & Sons, Rawdon. Top price steer 222.5 for Limousin X from D J and A J Bailes, Elwick purchased for J Robertshaw, Keelham farm shop, Thornton Bradford.

Young Bulls: A few less on offer with trade very similar.

Top price 197.5 for charolais from G W Turner, Skelton on Ure, purchased by J Penny & Sons, Rawdon

Cows & OTMs: Low number and a better trade. Top price cow 171.5p

Sheep: Good numbers with a shortage of of heavier lambs and trade better than anticipated. Top price £80.50 for Texel X from J.T. Harker & Sons, Upsall purchased by North East Meats, Boosbeck. Top price 197.4ppkg for Texel X from G Elsworth Raskelf, purchased by Lane End Farm Shop, Tong Bradford.

Ewes: A good entry and trade again exceptionally goods. Top price of £110.

Pigs: Good pigs remain extremely good to sell. Top price 147p twice from S French, West Tanfield purchased by Lane End Farm Shop, Tong, Bradford.

Sows: Small numbers with trade similar. Top price 62p from R Atkinson & Sons, Easington purchased by Cheale Meats, Brentwood.

Steers: Medium to 213.5 (1080.31 per head) 164.36 ave, Heavy to 222.5 (1420.17 per head) 168.52 ave. Heifers: Medium to 265.5 (1170.86 per head) 204.55 ave, Heavy to 255.5 (1476.31 per head) 206.85 ave. Young Bulls: Medium to 183.5 (1011.09 per head) 133.48 ave, Heavy to 197.5 (1346.25 per head) 158.39 ave. Cows to 171.5 (1251.32 per head) 118.17 ave. Lambs: Standard to 197.4 (75 per head) 169.98 ave. Medium to 183 (79.50 per head) 167.51 ave. Heavy to 173.9 (80.50 per head) 161 ave. Ewes: to 110, 75.92 ave. Pigs: Porkers to 132 (99 per head) 103.60 ave. Cutters to 127 (102.87 per head) 117.32 ave. Bacon to 142 (135.61 per head) 121.97 ave. Overweight to 147 (155.82 per head) 109.19 ave. Sows to 62 (190.32 per head) 60.14 ave.


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