Northumbrian Organic Feeds holds first open evening

A specialist farm feeds manufacturer that recently diversified to reach a new market is to mark the end of the harvest by holding its first ever open evening

John Naylor
John Naylor

A specialist farm feeds manufacturer that recently diversified to reach a new market is to mark the end of the harvest by holding its first ever open evening.

Set up by farmers Stuart and Wendy Hyslop in 2007, Northumbrian Organic Feeds has branched out into conventional offerings, taking on a new name to reflect the change, Northumbrian Quality Feeds.

On October 15, the business, at Easington Farm, near Belford, will open its doors to farmers from its Northumberland and Borders heartland, inviting them to find out more about the produce that will sustain their livestock over the winter.

The event on Tuesday, October 15, will include trade stands and speakers, including Malcom Corbett, chairman of the British Wool Marketing Board, who will discuss opportunities in the sheep sector.

Visitors will also hear NQF general manager and in-house nutritionist John Naylor speak of the benefits of creating a bespoke feeding system for optimum results.

Mr Hyslop said: “We diversified due to demand from customers, but we are maintaining the ethos we started out with – creating quality feed for local livestock from locally-grown crops.

“Traceability in the food chain is an important issue for humans, and we believe the same sort of attention to detail should be given to the fodder we give our livestock. We’re strong believers in buying and eating local.

“By hosting an open evening, farmers will be able to see exactly what goes into creating their animal feeds and get an idea of the really extensive range we now produce to meet their needs.”

NQF is the only feed company in Northumberland with a compound food plant, which visitors will be able to see in operation.

A range of nuts, rolls, pellets, mixtures and blends are produced there. NQF also has straights, liquid feeds and minerals available.

During the open evening, Mr Naylor will provide a guide to the full range of feeds and demonstrate how bespoke products are created to meet individual farmers’ requirements.

Part of Mr Naylor’s remit is to make on-site visits to tailor feeds, a task that can include forage and mineral analysis as well as blood testing stock.

Mr Naylor said: “Meeting the precise needs of your stock based on your animals, your land and your winter housing and feeding plans helps to get the best possible results and maximise your returns.”

NQF delivers to customers in Northumberland and the Borders. Alternatively, farms can collect from the site, which aims to ensure there is always a comprehensive range in stock.

The business also now sells Henpen, a quality and cost-effective poultry manure suitable for conventional and organic enterprises.

Starting at 4pm on October 15, the open evening will be supported by local trade stands, including Rickerby’s, Pender Feed, The Gecko Cattle System, Frank Wrights, Mick Hope of Wooler, Ancroft Tractors and Acklington Mart, Richard Brown and Alnorthumbria Vets. Supper will be served afterwards.

For information contact Mr Naylor on 07816213801 or visit:


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